GATE Architecture and Planning
GATE Architecture and Planning Syllabus
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For students with exceptional drawing abilities, precision of thoughts, creativity, strong visual sense Architecture and Planning is the right track.

The learning of an architect begins after intermediate Science. Candidates after qualifying the All India Engineering Entrance Examination, AIEEE conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) or the National Aptitude Test in Architecture conducted by the National Institute of Advanced Studies and Architecture are eligible to pursue their undergraduate program in architecture and planning.

The duration of the undergraduate architecture courses or B. Arch is 5 years and thereafter pursing higher degrees like M. Arch and Ph. D would extremely help candidates to shape and develop their creative skills and eventually take hold of the best position in job industry.

This course provides both theoretical and practical training and helps a candidate develop and sharpen his creative skills. Higher degrees like M.Arch and Ph.d can also be acquired thereafter.

Scope and Benefits of Architecture and Planning courses:

As the construction industry is growing rapidly pursuing a career in Architecture and Planning course is being adopted by youths. Pursuing the architecture training put forth the creative, imaginative and innovative site of learner. It educates the candidate on interior designing, town planning, construction management, landscape designing. It certainly reasons for a money-spinning job career for the students.

In India and Abroad Architects have the authorization to choose various career pathways. They are eligible to grab job opportunities in Public Works Department (PWD), Railways, Post and Telegraph, Town planning, Housing and Urban development departments of Government. There are lucrative job offers in architecture and building development of private construction firms.