How to prepare for GATE Entrance

Introspection and self analysis is the best key .

Follow standard textbooks referred by your faculties.
Read the concepts to the depth, visualize and then understand.
Imagine how and where they could be helpful and could be applied practically.
Exercise problems which are given at the end of each chapter of your textbook should be solved analytically.  Don’t spend your precious time solving too many questions. Contrary you should target questions that could be helpful only for your GATE preparation.
Reading two different subjects simultaneously is recommended as it would boost a sense of closeness towards your target and you won’t feel bored too.
As we know GATE is a multiple choice examination throw yourself into the habit of solving relevant objective questions rapidly, right after you finish studying a particular subject. Solving previous year GATE question papers would let you know where you stand. Group discussions are another way of promoting your self esteem.
Read the subject by posing questions like ” What ” , ” How ” and ” Why “. Don’t take anything for granted unless you justify it by working out on papers.

Think Positive

Never worry if you performance in university examination is unsatisfactory, as your university percentage has nothing to do with your GATE score. GATE is entirely a different journey.
Dedicated 2 – 3 months studies could help you scoring a better rank even if you have escaped your university studies.

Have fun while you learn:

Needless to mention the life as an undergraduate and those four years of your B.Tech are the best days of your academic life. Enjoy them to the fullest. Missing an important lecture and going for a movie, reaming with your classmates, playing your favorite game, late hour discussion and chat, managing your profile in facebook. There are so many beautiful things to enjoy. Don’t miss them. Seize these golden memories. Take studies as a part of your life it is not everything.