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General KnowledgeThis website offers updated general knowledge information related to India and World. The downloadable question papers, online tests and facts are extremely suitable for entrance aspirants appearing various entrance examinations like Civil Service Examination, I.E.S., M.B.A., Hotel Management, Income Tax, N.D.A. – National Defense Academy, Bank P.O, Central Exercise, Railway Recruitment Exams, C.D.S. – Combined Defense Services, S.B.I. (P.O.), R.B.I, etc.

The exclusively designed general knowledge questions and answers would help candidates appearing for multiple choice questions (MCQ) papers.

We have touched almost every facts and profile to facilitate the studies of General Knowledge from student’s point of view. More importantly the articles on social issues and awareness are must to read for students and viewers.

General Knowledge question papers with answers (MCQs)

Under the following tags we present students and job seekers numerous general knowledge information in the form of question papers that are extremely helpful for their requirements.

General Science

Discover the science world with amazing facts i.e., Discoveries, Health and Human diseases, Environment, Pollution etc. in next to no time. Supremely designed questions and answers are must read for exam preparation.

General Science Questions

India and World History

The history and culture of India is ancient, dynamic and fascinating.Similarly the study of world history is extremely wide and deep. Here are facts of India and World History in a organized way and we provide you an insight into different aspects of Indian and world history in the form of question and answers.

India and World History Quesitons

General awareness, Facts and Profiles

A mere technical skill is insufficient to establish as a successful student and professional, since we need lot of other substance and quality to lead life.


General Awareness questions

Economic and Social Development

Find Question and Answers on Economic and Social Development. Previous Years questions on Sustainable Development, Poverty, Inclusion, Demographics, Social Sector initiatives, etc.

Economic and Social Development questions

Indian Polity and Governance

According to India’s constitution, India is a “sovereign socialist secular democratic republic.” Discover more about its Central and State Governments, the Local governance, the several Political Issues, Law and Order etc. Never miss the question papers that we have set for your entrance preparation.

Indian Politics and Governance questions

Indian and World Geography

India, the seventh largest country in the world is characterised by great diversity in its physical appearances.  Let’s find its States, Location, Area, Climate, Literacy, Religion, Population, Economy, Government, Art and Culture etc. You would certainly enjoy solving the important question papers.

Indian and World Geography questions

Famous tourist places in India and World

India is known for its famous tourist places. Every city has its uniqueness. With the temples, monuments, wildlife, vivid nature, India is a rendezvous of color. Discover the amazing facts about the famous tourist places with the questionnaires.

Tourist Places Questions

Books and Authors

Books open, widen and strengthen our minds.  Books support us in our loneliness and they are the best companions. Books have to be read as is the only way of discovering what do they hold and reflect. Find some useful question papers and answers.

Books and Authors Questions

Awards and Honours

Boost your general knowledge with these comprehensive collections of ‘Award and Honours’ Questions and Answers papers. More importantly there is enough to read about the long history and listing of renowned awards, recognized in India and world.

Awards and Honours questions

Sports and Games

Boost your general knowledge with these comprehensive collections of ‘Award and Honours’ Questions and Answers papers. More importantly there is enough to read about the long history and listing of renowned awards, recognized in India and world.

Sports and Game Questions

General Mental Ability

General mental ability is one of the prime topics of most of the entrance examinations besides one of the best determining factor of our job performance across business industry. By providing previous years question papers it is our aim to let you understand the standards and difficulty level of questions that are being raised in Entrance Exams.

Mental Ability Questions

 Important Dates

Work in Progress


Important Dates

General Knowledge entrance examination question papers:

Civil Service Examination 2009

Civil Service Examination 2003

Range Forest officers – Karnataka Government 2007

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