Human Population Questions, Paper – 03

Sr. No.



1. Opium is got from
(a) Thea sinensis
(b) Coffea arabica
(c) Oryza sativa
(d)Papaver somniferum
Answer: (d)
2. Opium, opiates and heroin are got from
(a) Thea
(b) Theobroma
(c) Papaver
(d) Cannabis
Answer: (c)
3. Organ most damaged by alcohol is
(a) Heart
(b) Cerebrum
(c) Liver
(d) Cerebellum
Answer: (c)
4. Papaver album provides one of the following
(a) Nicotine
(b) Morphine
(c) Tannin
(d) Caffeine
Answer: (b)
5. Population approaching carrying capacity will show
(a) Zero population growth
(b)Mortality  >  Natality
(c) Mortality  <  Natality
(d) None of the above
Answer: (a)
6. Population explosion in India has occurred in the last
(a) 500 years
(b) 300 years
(c) 100 years
(d) 50 years
Answer: (d)
7. Population growth curve in most animals, except humans is
(a) S-shaped
(b) J-shaped
(c) J-shaped with tail
(d) S-shaped with tail
Answer: (a)
8. Sedative and tranquillisers are
(a) Stimulants
(b) Depressants
(c) Hallucinogens
(d) Pain killers
Answer: (b)
9. Sedatives and tranquillizers are also termed as
(a) pain killers
(b) stimulants
(c) depressors
(d) Hallucinogens
Answer: (c)
10. Select the correct statement
(a) Morphine is often given to a person who has undergone surgery as a pain killer
(b) Chewing tobacco lowers blood pressure and heart rate
(c) Cocaine is given to patients after surgery as it stimulates recovery
(d) Barbiturates when given to criminals make them tell the truth
Answer: (a)
11. Slow respiration, slow pulse and constriction of pupil occurs due to drug addiction of
(a) Morphine and opium
(b) Cocaine and heroin
(c) Alcohol and thalidomide
(d) Nicotine and  caffeine
Answer: (a)
12. Smoking hubble-bubble may spread
(a) Pulmonary tuberculosis
(b) Kwashiorkar
(c) Goitre
(d) Rickets
Answer: (a)
13. Stimulant cocaine is obtained from
(a) Rauwolfia
(b) Erythroxylon
(c) Papaver
(d) Eucalyptus
Answer: (b)
14. Stimulant present in Cola, Tea and Cocoa is
(a) Cocaine
(b) Caffeine
(c) Amphetamine
(d) Tannin
Answer: (b)
15. The study of population is called
(a) Demography
(b) Population explosion
(c) Population dynamics
(d) Census
Answer: (a)
16. Tranquilliser is drug used for
(a) Inducing sleep
(b) Relieving pain
(c) Giving Soothing effect
(d) Giving stimulating effect
Answer: (c)
17. Unrestricted reproductive capacity is called
(a) Carrying capacity
(b) Birth rate
(c) Fertility
(d) Biotic potential.
Answer: (d)
18. Use of Cannabis products results in
(a) Alteration in perception, thoughts and feelings
(b) Depressed brain activity  and feeling of calmness
(c) Suppressed brain function and relief in pain
(d) Stimulation of nervous system, increased alertness and activity
Answer: (a)
19. When natality is balanced by mortality, there is
(a) Decrease in population growth
(b) Zero population growth
(c) Increase in population growth
(d) Over population
Answer: (a)
20. When population reaches carrying capacity
(a) Mortality rate = Birth rate
(b) Mortality rate > Birth rate
(c) Mortality rate < Birth rate
(d) None of the above
Answer: (a)