Do’s and Don’ts for GATE Entrance

Try to clear your concepts by solving questions.
Refer the GATE syllabus and study topic by topic and then solve objective questions.
Develop the art of adopting tricks for solving objective questions.
Solve previous years GATE questions. Analyze and solve questions from different concept, which would enable you to learn new concepts.
Solve questions from related topics form other subject of GATE papers and IES questions.
Cover every topic so that at least you can attempt easy questions.
Keep your formula list ready so that you can go for quick revision before the actual exam.
Don’t read too many books only refer reference books.
Don’t believe in Indian publisher’s books, as there are very few good books in market.
Don’t spend much time in reading theories, try to build concept only, as concept is the king in GATE.
Don’t leave any topic; try to cover every topic as it would help to solve at least easy questions.
Don’t refer too many book for solving objective question, rather you solve questions from GATE and IES.
Don’t solve many questions, solve only quality questions.
Don’t ignore Mathematics as one can score high marks in it.