GATE study tips and tricks

Deep understanding of fundamentals:

Right understanding of fundamentals is the key to GATE success, as we know GATE entrance is all about testing the fundamentals and questions are based on origin of the fundamentals. Involve yourself in this ongoing process of GATE preparation and the first stage should be placing yourself at the peak by getting your fundamentals right and then testing yourself.
Needless to mention as you might have heard it many times before. But it is true – hard work pays off. If you want to succeed in GATE you have to practice, practice and practice. You have to love the efforts by self motivating which are the only lasting factors besides fear and reward. Just ignore the mistakes and errors as rightly said – If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not doing anything. If you believe in yourself and have the courage, the competitive drive could be achieved.
“People of mediocre ability sometimes achieve outstanding success because they don’t know when to quit.  Most men succeed because they are determined to.”  — George Allen

Selecting the right coach

Coaching could provide mutual model of communication, inspire the student and develop the highest potential in him/her. It is important to be coached by professionals for GATE preparation. Selecting the right coach and right study material is a difficult deal altogether. Seek for the advice of your seniors and faculties whom you trust. Standard of material, Testing scheme, Reporting, Faculty deliverance in classroom, student strength, past track record are few parameters you must consider before enrolling. The coaching model and mechanism should be flexible enough to let you know where you went wrong and smooth the friction of your efforts in cracking GATE.
As we know GATE is a multiple choice examination throw yourself into the habit of solving relevant objective questions rapidly, right after you finish studying a particular subject. Solving previous year GATE question papers would let you know where you stand. Group discussions are another way of promoting your self esteem.
What is unique about the study materials that are offered by the coaching institute?

The study material hardly could assist you if it has been directly extracted from textbooks. The coaching material should be short, to the point, summarized and well researched to inculcate interest in you. The tests should cover every area of testing and the test report should highlight your mistakes and your rank. You should enjoy reading textbooks available in the book store published by good authors.

Do they have enough books in library?

You need good books that would instigate your brain to function during the process of theory conceptualizing and application building tricks.

Classroom rehearsal: Who are the faculties and their teaching experience would matter a lot for you in classroom. It is only selected conceptual questions on each topic could develop application capability contrary non-conceptual questions will waste your precious time.
Testing and reporting: The testing and evaluation model offered by the coach is equally important. Your progress chart, errors reporting, comparative rank of the feedback system would guide you correctly.
Add more fuel:
Solving GATE papers: Read and solve the previous years’ GATE question papers and get inspired to solve more and more of similar papers in future. Solving the papers gives you idea of the standard of questions that are being raised.
Monitoring your performance: Analyze your test performance to determine how things could be improved, how could you score more? Scrutinize your performance of each topic and plan your strategy accordingly. Monitor your rank.
An actual testing environment: Classroom is the place where the actual test happens. While appearing the test take it seriously, avoid disruption, and set your clock rightly. However if you have enrolled for a correspondence coaching you can set a similar environment at you home.
Strong Knowledge of Fundamentals and Concepts + Accuracy + Speed is the key to your GATE success.
Select the right coach. Don’t forget today it is not the classroom that is the repository of publicity, but the advertising agencies.
Always focus on the concepts.
Don’t walk into volumes of theory without understanding the root of what’s essential for you.
Follow good text books available in market.
Dedicate for a study of 8 to10 hrs everyday to cover the syllabus.
After reaching the comfort zone of preparation, appear for some mock exams. Appearing a mock test would let you know where you stand in this race amongst other aspirants.
Practice previous year GATE papers continuously.Monitor your performance.