Motivation factors for teachers and students

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The motivation Factors

A humble note from Publisher

We all would acknowledge to this belief that teachers all over the world have the same objective . They are highly regarded as they possess knowledge, wisdom and authority to propel student’s forward in their learning.
Rightly said “A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others.”
However over the time the expectations of the new generation students have changed. Student’s expectations are now of greater complexity and a different degree. Teachers have to adjust to this new generation of learners and learning. And it is possible with the change of curriculum design, flexibility of course delivery, improvement of teaching quality, support sustem and greater transparency between students and educator.

Hence it is important to know – ‘What do students want’?

They want to be brave and challengeable not timid
They want flexibility and choice in the delivery of course curriculum.
They want energetic, trendy teachers who could recognize their potentiality and care them besides their academic performance.
They want their talents and abilities are respected and are directed rightly for the achievement of their academic goals.
Students wish their faculties to talk at their height, who could let them talk and learn, who could crack jokes to add humor to the situation.
They want comfortable classroom that is safe physically and psychologically for them.
In classroom they expect complete explanations and examples and access to cutting edge technology
They wish their queries to be solved with ample opportunities.
Accurate information about their courses, assessment procedures, complaints process, etc
They want teachers who could
Consult them
Respect them with honesty
Demonstrate and inspire them
– Value the study from career prospects
Check their performance regularly
– Support them individually of their progress
Assign and engage them with individual approach to furnish their tasks that would suit their lifestyle.
– And always give them something to take home to think besides their daily homework.

I would continue to write and place my articles here with a hope that this insignificant light from the candle that I have flashed would certainly invigorate some minds to act vividly.

Thank you
GELI, Editor –