Teacher as a motivator

Stay motivated as a teacher using a range of strategies – there are enormous challenge

The most important role of teacher is to motivate students, to engage them in the learning process.
Following are the Motivational Strategies for teacher:

  • Do not teach student what to think but teach students how to think
  • Create a framework where you relate yourself to the students. Do not force students to relate to you.
  • Love what you teach and who you teach. Be enthusiastic and use humor.
  • Let students realize you love your profession and share your interest of the subject. Feel proud to be their teacher.
  • Know your students strength and weakness and how could they learn the subject.
  • Be organized and flexible while delivering lecture. Let students know your expectations. Hold highly impulsive but realistic expectations.
  • Help students make connections between academics and their own life.
  • Focus on creating an academically important, engaging classroom environment. Engage students in the learning process through stories, examples, illustrations, etc.
  • Focus on student strengths.
  • Ask questions that help students “learn to think”
  • Teach students the importance of proof, how to collect it, and how to use it to make decisions involving students in the material.
  • Ask other faculty members of your group to help you. Work together on research with your colleagues. Be a lifelong learner
  • Avoid creating forceful competition between students.
  • Connecting to students on a personal level would concrete their faith.
  • Incorporate other disciplines into the classrooms.