Perception – the power of choice.

The motivation factors for students and teachers: Values | Perception | Goals | Expectancy| Commitment | Beliefs

We know the dictionary meaning of perception i.e., it is a belief or opinion, based on how things seem to us. It is the quality of being aware of things through our physical senses. It is the process of attaining awareness. In psychology perception is mental organization and interpretation of sensory information connected with the physical senses of touch, smell, taste, hearing and seeing.

Life is all about perception and we are what we think. We have the power to choose our perception. When we change the way we look at things the things that we look at change too.

The great quote that I recall at this junction is, “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched … but are felt in the heart” – HELEN KELLER.

Factors that influence perception:

There are varieties of factors that influence perception.
Willingness always causes our part of the body to react,
The subject’s past experience,
The motivation and emotional state of the subject,
Whether we live in a world of confusion, misery, with feeling of not being hopeful, or considering only the bad side of a situation, feeling that bad things are more likely to happen than good things etc.,
We are surrounded amongst people with positive outlook to inspire or instigate us to succeed in our personal and professional career.

How perception works:

Let me tell you a story.  Both father and her child are praying at a same place. The child prays: Dear God, please send some clothes for all those poor people who are resting outside the temple. Can I meet those angles with your grace that mother had mentioned in the story? You should always unite my parents. I get hurt when I see them fighting. I need more toys and all my friends all around me and all the time.

And the father prays: God I have lost my sleep working in the project of rehabilitation for street children. It is wastage of government’s funds. I should be transferred to the new department where is less job. Give me more opportunity to grab and more scope to earn. I want to win over my new love.

On the way when the father saw a drunken man he just pressed his nasal to avoid the smell and changed his track. When the baby saw the drunken man swinging she laughed loudly at him and wanted to go closer to him to see him singing and dancing.

How to attain Perception:

In order to understand ourselves we have first to make our perception fine to understand those fine movements that are going on inside, and it is YOGA and PRANAYAMA that would make it possible. It would work as an instrument to study our own mind. The entire process of Pranayama and yoga take us deeper and deeper in our own nature and things would become real and not imaginary. It is only with an understanding of our way of life and communication with self that one can begin to understand our relationships with others and the environment which in totality helps us to attain virtual perception.

Perception versus Reality

Perception is not reality. Reality is always reality. What we see as real is determined by our self conviction. When our perceptions vary greatly in so many ways can anything be classified as a real guide? Sometimes we think, our own way of seeing something is more accurate than somebody else’s way. It is purely subjective. Just because our way of looking at a particular things or situation consoles our own self or suits our personal judgments, this can not be enforced for others.
We must not forget that the point of view should always be valuable and beneficial to others too, and keep an open mind at all times.