Values for students and teachers

The motivation factors for students and teachers: Values | Perception | Goals | Expectancy| Commitment | Beliefs

What are Values?

Value is the degree of importance. Ethic value stands for the action that we take for our life to determine the best way of living. Ethic values deal with the right conduct and good life. In psychology the theory of values refers to the study of manners in which human beings develop and believe the importance. Social values are held by community and prioritized by that particular society. Social values influence the way we respond to the people in a society. Love, respect, harmony, joy, mercy, humbleness, tolerance, responsibility, support, honesty and simplicity are values that develop individual’s personality. Whether it is our home, place of work, social gathering or a movie theater it is our inculcated values that enables us to react in a particular situation. Values are those special ideas and beliefs and it really matter to each of us.

Importance of values

The viewpoint of the development of any society or nation is presented by the values. Values are virtues, qualities on which our actions and our beliefs are based. These are guiding ideology that shapes our position, approach and behavior. Human is unlike machine. We laugh, cry, annoy, and express our emotions and empathy in several circumstances. Whether we feel sorry to see uneducated a street child or ignore her. We lend a hand to our newly joined colleague or disrespect. We think of fund saving or charity. All these actions are determined by the values that we possess and the values that our parents, teachers or religious guru has taught us. However society has changed and the mindset of our kids are governed by the television, movies, internet and the lifestyle that comes and settles in vision of the child. In the current scenario it’s really hard for parents to keep values intact for the younger generation.

I would mention the great quote. “Seven sins: wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character, commerce without morality, science without humanity, worship without sacrifice, politics without principle” – Mahatma Gandhi

Role of parents and teachers :

Sadly when there is so much speculation about the potentialities of individual our own educational system is of little help. The mind is not trained to be a practical thinker as we are told so little of the values of life that are factually the core for creative thinking. We would agree the society is in turbulence.

Mother is the first teacher. It is parent’s role to teach their kids to believe in their ability, to sustain in adversity, give them room to grow, allow them to attend their dreams, help them to learn from mistakes, encourage them to gain self-confidence, gift them books, engage them in reading and writing , to love their books and more importantly to be a good citizen. And it applies to parents all over the world despite the cultural variation that exists.

It is through education that we can change the world. This could be achieved by adding moral values in school and college prospectus as a curriculum, covering stories, poetry, novel, illustration etc. And by holding training, debate, campaign, staging, citizen contact program etc. the importance of values could be inculcated into the young minds. Non-government-organization could play a part in this association to give a supporting hand to these institutions.