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Since the daylight of the world which has touched each and every aspects of human life. Science is masterpiece. It is unity. It is beyond doubt that science is the endurance of modern advancement. General Science has been introduced in the Primary, Middle and Higher classes and has become more apparent in study curriculum. General ScienceThese ‘General Science questions and answers’, and other vital information are designed to test the knowledge and competencies necessary for students appearing for various entrance examinations. These test papers covers scientific methodology concepts and principles, techniques and history, physics, chemistry, life sciences (Biology), The earth/space sciences, technologies etc. All Online General Science MCQs Tests are integrated for Competitive Entrance Aspirants. Let’s explore and  experience the unique interactive test solving opportunities.

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(General Science MCQs: for IAS, SSC, Civil Services, CDS, CAPF, CISF, NDA, Railway, IBPS, SBI, MBA)

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(Scientific discoveries and invention)

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General Science Topics

List of Inventions and Discoveries

Vitamins: Chemical Name, Sources, Deficieny and Discovery

Branches of Biology / List of biology disciplines