General Science Quiz Set – 6

1. Which human activity uses the most water? Irrigation
70 per cent of all water is used for irrigation.
2. Water on the earth exists in all three states of matter______. solid, liquid, and gas
3. What are the only places that dogs have sweat glands? Nose and paws
4. What are the two main components of our environment? Biotic and abiotic factors
5. What do we call a person who cannot tell the difference between colors? Color blind
6. What gas are the bubbles in Champagne? CO2
7. What grain is beer usually made from? Barley
a plant grown for its grain that is used for making food, beer and WHISKY
8. What household heating fuel also powers jet planes? Kerosene
9. What is another name for the Paleolithic Age? The stone age
10. What is cork made from? The bark of a cork oak tree
11. What is E300? Vitamin C
12. What is red wine supposed to protect you from? Heart disease
13. What is the better known name for the deadly poison prussic acid? Cyanide or hydrogen cyanide
14. What is the chemical name for vinegar? Acetic acid
15. What is the common name for NaCl? Salt
16. What is the difference between sweet and dry wines? Sugar content
17. What is the essential ingredient of Mead? Honey
18. What is the fastest living thing on two legs? An ostrich
19. What is the favorite food of a giant panda? Bamboo shoots
20. What is the main ingredient of Alka Seltzer? Sodium Bicarbonate