General Science Quiz Set – 5

1. What is the most common chemical element in the universe? Hydrogen
Hydrogen is a colourless gas that is the lightest of all the elements. It combines with OXYGEN to form water.
2. What is the name for steel alloyed with chromium? Stainless steel
3. What is the name of the first atomic-powered submarine? Nautilus
4. What is the name of the hormone that controls blood sugar level? Insulin
a chemical substance produced in the body that controls the amount of sugar absorbed by the blood
5. What is the name of the hot rock that is in the center of the earth? Magma
very hot liquid rock found below the earth’s surface
6. What is the name of the whale that has a long protruding tusk? Narwhal
7. What is the name we give to the black salted fish eggs of a sturgeon fish? Caviar
the eggs of some types of fish, especially the STURGEON, that are preserved using salt and eaten as a very special and expensive type of food
8. What is the PH of water? Seven
9. What is the rest mass of a photon? Zero
10. What is tonic water flavoured with? Quinine
11. What land mammal holds the record for the greatest age? Man
12. What name is given to the hard white material of elephant’s tusks? Ivory
A hard yellowish-white substance like bone that forms the TUSKS  (long teeth) of elephants and some other animals
13. What poisonous alkaloid is extracted from tobacco leaves and widely used as an insecticide (a chemical used for killing insects)? Nicotine
14. What state in the United States has the most nuclear power plants? Illinois
15. What vegetable gives green pasta its color? Spinach
16. What yellow metal is an alloy of copper and zinc? Brass
17. Where do peanuts grow? Underground
18. Where does the alcohol in wine come from? Yeast
a FUNGUS used in making beer and wine, or to make bread rise
19. Where is alcohol destroyed in the body? The liver
20. Where does groundwater come from? Rainfall and melting snow