General Science Quiz Set – 7

1. The symbol He stands for Helium
2. The symbol Md stands for Mendelevium
3. The symbol of gold is Au
4. The symbol of silicon is Si
5. The symbol of silver is Ag
6. The symbol of sodium is Na
7. The symbol of Sr stands for Strontium
8. The symbol of titanium is Ti
9. The symbol Rb stands for Rubidium
10. The symbol Zn stands for Zinc
11. The symbol Zr stands for Zirconium
12. The three states of matter are Solid,liquid and gas
13. The two colours seen at the extreme ends of the pH chart are Red & Blue
14. The unit of loudness is Phon
15. The unit of power is Watt
16. Thermostat is an instrument used for regulating Constant temperature
17. Toxicology is the study of Poisons
18. Unlike most other fish, sharks have no: Bones
19. Virology is the study of Viruses
20. Why food articles are mostly packed in alluminium foil? To avoid rancidity