Circulatory System | Circulation in Animals, Question Paper – 01

(Circulation in Animals – Paper 01), Total Questions: 20, Subject: Biology, Topic: Circulation in Animals, Question Type: MCQs

Sr. No. Questions Answers
1. ‘Dup’ sound is produced during closure of
(a) Semilunar valves
(b) Bicuspid valve
(c) Tricuspid valve
(d) Both B and C
Answer: (a)
2. A fully mature human RBC has
(a) A nucleus
(b) No nucleus
(c) Nucleus may or may not be present
(d) None of the above
Answer: (b)
3. A portion of cardiovascular system that transports oxygen depleted blood from the heart to lungs and brings oxygenated blood back to heart is
(a) Pulmonary circulation
(b) Coronary circulation
(c) Systemic circulation
(d) Single circulation system
Answer: (a)
4. A respiratory pigment is absent in
(a) Earthworm
(b) Frog
(c) Rabbit
(d) Cockroach
Answer: (d)
5. A sample of blood shows clumping with antiserum A but not with antiserum B. The blood group would be
(a) O
(b) A
(c) B
(d) AB
Answer: (b)
6. A vein possesses large number lumen because
(a) Tunica media and tunica externa form a single coat
(b) Tunica interna and tunica media form a single coat
(c) Tunica interna, tunica media and tunica externa are thin
(d) Tunica media is thin coat
Answer: (d)
7. A young man of 25 years has his blood pressure
(a) 130/90 mm Hg
(b) 120/80 mm Hg
(c) 120/90 mm Hg
(d) 130/80 mm Hg
Answer: (b)
8. Abnormal fall in total count of WBCs in the human blood is called
(a) Anaemia
(b) Polycythemia
(c) Leucopenia
(d) leukaemia
Answer: (c)
9. Alary muscles of cockroach are associated with
(a) Malpighian tubules and excretion
(b) Tracheae and respiration
(c) Heart and circulation
(d) None of the above
Answer: (c)
10. All veins have deoxygenated blood except
(a) Renal artery
(b) Hepatic vein
(c) Hepatic portal vein
(d) Pulmonary veins
Answer: (d)
11. Amount of blood pumped by heart into body per minute is called
(a) Atrial output
(b) Ventricular output
(c) Cardiac output
(d) Stroke volume
Answer: (c)
12. Artery is a vessel that carries blood
(a) towards the heart
(b) away from heart
(c) away from tissues
(d) towards the liver
Answer: (b)
13. At the time of diastole, heart is filled with
(a) Mixed blood
(b) Venous blood
(c) Deoxygenated blood
(d) Oxygenated blood
Answer: (b)
14. Auricular systole in cardiac cycle lasts for about
(a) 0.4 sec
(b) 0.1 sec
(c) 0.8 sec
(d) 0.7 sec
Answer: (b)
15. Blocking of arteries is due to deposition of fats and calcium is called
(a) Arteriosclerosis
(b) Artherosclerosis
(c) Emphysema
(d) Heart syndrome
Answer: (b)
16. Blood capillaries are made of
(a) Endothelium, connective tissue and muscle fibres
(b) Endothelium and muscle fibres
(c) Endothelium and connective tissue
(d) Endothelium only
Answer: (d)
17. Blood of Cockroach has no role in respiration as it does not have
(b) Plasma
(c) Trehlose
(d) Haemocytes
Answer: (a)
18. Blood of Cockroach is called
(a) Haemocyanin
(b) Haemoglobin
(c) Haemolymph
(d) Haemolysis
Answer: (c)
19. Blood of which of the following is colourless?
(a) Earthworm
(b) Cockroach
(c) Leech
(d) Frog
Answer: (b)
20. Blood passes from left ventricle to right atrium. It is
(a) Pulmonary circulation
(b) Systemic circulation
(c) Coronary circulation
(d) Arteriovenous Circulation
Answer: (b)