Circulatory System | Circulation in Animals, Question Paper – 02

(Circulation in Animals – Paper 02), Total Questions: 20, Subject: Biology, Topic: Circulation in Animals, Question Type: MCQs

Sr. No. Questions Answers
1. Blood pressure is lowest
(a) After muscular exercise
(b) During ventricular diastole
(c) After 60 years of age
(d) During ventricular systole
Answer: (b)
2. Blood pressure is measured by
(a) Electro – cardiogram
(b) Stethoscope
(c) Sphygmomanometer
(d) Barometer
Answer: (c)
3. Blood vessel carrying least CO2 is
(a) Pulmonary vein
(b) Pulmonary artery
(c) Vena cava
(d) Hepatic vein
Answer: (a)
4. Blood vessel which brings oxygenated blood to left auricle is
(a) Pre caval vein
(b) Post caval vein
(c) Pulmonary vein
(d) Pulmonary artery
Answer: (c)
5. Blood vessel which ends in capillaries is
(a) Artery
(b) Vein
(c) Pulmonary
(d) Cornoary sinus
Answer: (a)
6. Blood vessels taking blood from lungs to heart are
(a) Cardiac veins
(b) Pulmonary arteries
(c) Cardiac arteries
(d) Pulmonary veins
Answer: (d)
7. Bundle of His is
(a) Nervous tissues supplying ventricles
(b) Nervous tissues supplying heart
(c) Muscular tissues supplying heart
(d) Muscular tissues supplying ventricles
Answer: (d)
8. Bundle of His is a network of
(a) Muscle fibres distributed throughout heart walls
(b) Muscles fibres found only in ventricle wall
(c) Nerve fibres distributed in ventricles
(d) Nerve fibres found throughout the heart
Answer: (b)
9. Cardiac output is
(a) 4 litres/minute
(b) 5.3 litres/ minute
(c) 6.3 litres /minute
(d) 7.3 litres /minute
Answer: (b)
10. Cardiac output is blood
(a) Received by heart per minute
(b) Pumped  by ventricles per sec
(c) Pumped by each ventricle per minute
(d) Pumped by left ventricle per hour
Answer: (c)
11. Cell fragments of megakaryocytes yield
(a) Erythrocytes
(b) Granulocytes
(c) Agranulocytes
(d) Blood platelets
Answer: (d)
12. Cells formed in bone marrow include
(a) RBC
(b) RBC and leucocytes
(c) Leucocytes
(d) Lymphocytes
Answer: (b)
13. Chordae tendineae are found in
(a) Atria of heart
(b)  Ventricle of heart
(c)  Ventricles of brain
(d) Joint of legs
Answer: (b)
14. Circulation of blood was discovered by
(a) Darwin
(b) Harvey
(c) Aristotle
(d) Lister
Answer: (b)
15. Contraction of heart is known as
(a) Systole
(b) Diastole
(c) Heart beat
(d) Heart sound
Answer: (a)
16. Deoxygenated blood from wall of heart is carried by
(a) Coronary sinus
(b) Inferior vena cava
(c) Superior vena cava
(d) Pulmonary artery
Answer: (a)
17. Deposition of cholesterol in walls of arteries is
(a) Arteriosclerosis
Answer: (c)
18. Difference between systolic and diastolic pressure is
(a) blood pressure
(b) pulse pressure
(c) cardiac output
(d) pulse
Answer: (b)
19. First and louder sound of heart during ventricular systole is
(a) Lubb
(b) Dub
(c) Murmur
(d) Hissing
Answer: (a)
20. Hb value for a healthy adult male is
(a) 100 g / 100 ml
(b) 11g / 100 ml
(c) 12 g / 100 ml
(d) 14 – 15 g/100ml
Answer: (d)