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General Knowledge: India and World History

The history and culture of India is ancient, dynamic and fascinating. It carries a rich cultural legacy. The uniqueness of India history is it is developed with the integration of new cultures and trading and with the migration of people.

The Vedic age, The Indus Valley Civilization, The Janapadas, Emergence of Mauryas, Guptas, Mughals, The British Rule, India’s Independence and afterwards the socio-economic development of India History of India is dotted with variety of developments.

Similarly the study of world history is extremely wide and deep. The Stone Age, the explorers and inventors, the wars, eras, nations, and so many empires, the events that happened in world history are enormous.

This web page brings out the facts of India and World History in a organized way and provides an insight into different aspects of Indian and world history in the form of question and answers.

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Objective Questions (Short Answers)

Pre historic Period in India

Indus Valley Civilization

History of Ancient India

History of Medieval India

History of Modern India, Part – A

History of Modern India, Part – B

Indian National Movement | Freedom Movement in India

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