Pre Historic Period India

Questions on Pre-historic Period (India)

Human colonization in India is divided into two major periods: (1) Prehistoric (2) Historic having numerous archaeological sources in different parts of the subcontinent.
Prehistoric period in India (before the emergence of writing) is divided into stone, bronze and iron ages, for which we don’t have written records. Consequently the history of this age is based only on the archaeological excavations findings. Basically humans in this age were hunters, food-gatherer and later represented a settled, food-producing way of life. The earliest tools used by humans were made of stones. However the introduction of copper as a new material and invention of agriculture brought revolutionary changes in human societies in terms of economy and demography.
If you have studied the history of pre-historic age why don’t you answer some questions?

1. Who discovered a Paleolithic stone tool in India in 1863 Robert Bruce
2. The Paleolithic man in India is also called Quartzite man
3 The two prime occupations of Paleolithic age man were ______. Hunting, Gathering
4 Microliths (tools made of stone) were first discovered by ______ in ______. Carlyle, 1867
5 10,000 – 4000 B.C. in pre-historic period of India is called Mesolithic Age
6 Rock painting was a distinctive feature of which pre-historic period? Mesolithic
7 Name the major sites in India where the Mesolithic discoveries are seen: Bagor, Tilwara, Langhnaj, Birbhampur, Sarai Nahar (Rajasthan)
8 The term Neolithic was first coined by ______ in ______. Sir John Lubbock, 1865
9 The discovery of Neolithic age tools was made by ______. Le Mesurier
10 An important Neolithic site of northwestern region is ______. Mehrgarh
11 What were the main characteristics of Neolithic age? (a) Begin of agricultural

(b) Domestication of animals

(c) Grinding and polishing of stone tools

(d) Use of pottery

12 The cereals that were first grown by the earliest man were ______. Wheat and Ragi
13 Which of the following animals was tamed by Neolithic people:

(a) Dog (b) Sheep

(a) Dog
14 The first metal to be used by man was

(a) Copper (b) Bronze

(a) Copper
15 The first thing that primitive man learnt was

(a) to make fire (b) to make wheel

(a) to make fire
16 Pottery first appeared in:

(a) Neolithic Age (b) Mesolithic Age

(a) Neolithic Age
17 In India the two important religions that originated in the middle Gangetic plains. (a) Jainism (b) Buddhism
18 In ancient times several foreign tribes reached India through north-western mountain pass. Name any of the two such tribes. Kushanas and Huns
19 Pataliputra, modern Patna was provided natural defence by which rivers? The Ganges, Son and Gandak
20 In Madhya Pradesh maximum number of Prehistoric Rock Shelters are found at Bhimbetka