Immunity System Questions, Paper – 03

Immunity System Questions – Paper 03, Total Questions: 20, Subject: Biology, Topic: Immunity System, Question Type: MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions)

Sr. No. Questions Answers
1. Blood group O has
(a) Antigen A and antibody b
(b) No antigen nor antibody
(c) No antigen but both a and b antibodies
(d) Antigens A and B and antibodies a and b
Answer: (c)
2. Blood of AB group cannot be given to B group patient because
(a) Patient has antibodies b
(b) Patient lacks antibodies b
(c) patient lacks antibodies a
(d) patient has antibodies a
Answer: (d)
3. Both B-cells and T-cells of immune system are produced in
(a) Spleen
(b) L lymphoid nodes
(c) Bone marrow
(d) Thymus
Answer: (c)
4. Cells involved in immune mechanism are
(a) Erthyrocytes
(b) Lymphocytes
(c) Eosinophils
(d) Thrombocytes
Answer: (b)
5. Cells of immune system that cause pore formation in the antigen are
(a) Helper T-cells
(b) Killer T-cells
(c) Suppressor T-cells
(d) B-cells
Answer: (b)
6. Character of acquired immunity is
(a) differentiation of self and nonself
(b) specificity of antigen
(c) retains memory
(d) all the above
Answer: (d)
7. Chemically an antibody is
(a) Protein
(b) Lipoprotein
(c) Lipid
(d) Nucleoprotein
Answer: (a)
8. Child death may occur in the marriage of
(a) Rh+ man and Rh+ woman
(b) Rh+ man and Rh- woman
(c) Rh- man and Rh+ woman
(d) Rh- man and Rh+ woman
Answer: (b)
9. Conversion of antigen into harmless insoluble matter by antibodies is
(a) Agglutination
(b) Opsonisation
(c) Neutralisation
(d) Activation
Answer: (a)
10. During infection T-cells interact with
(a) Macrophages
(b) B-cells
(c) Infected cells
(d) Erythrocytes
Answer: (b)
11. During inflammation which of the following is secreted by connective tissue
(a) Heparin
(b) Serotonin
(c) Glucagon
(d) Histamine
Answer: (d)
12. Father of immunology is
(a) Ferdinand Kohn
(b) Robert Koch
(c) Louis Pasteur
(d) Edward Jenner
Answer: (d)
13. Gamma-globulins are synthesized in
(a) Lymph and lymph nodes
(b) Liver
(c) Bone marrow
(d) Kidney
Answer: (a)
14. Hay fever is due to
(a) Hepatitis
(b) Allergy
(c) Dengue
(d) Helper T-cells
Answer: (b)
15. Histamiens or inflammation producing substances are formed by
(a) Macrophages
(b) Sustentacular cells
(c) Mast cells
(d) Collagen fibres
Answer: (c)
16. How many variable segments are present in an antibody
(a) 1
(b) 2
(c) 3
(d) 4
Answer: (b)
17. Humoral immunity is due to
(a) T-lymphocytes
(b) L- lymphocytes
(c) P- lymphocytes
(d) B- lymphocytes
Answer: (d)
18. Husband and wife should know their Rh factors because the situation can be serious due to biological incompatibility in one of the following cases
(a) Rh+ husband and Rh+ wife
(b) Rh- husband and Rh- wife
(c) Rh- husband and Rh+ wife
(d) Rh+ husband and Rh- wife
Answer: (d)
19. Hypersensitivity to an allergen is due to
(a) Increase in temperature
(b) Food habits
(c) Age
(d) Aberrent functioning of immune system
Answer: (d)
20. If a man is Rh+ and woman Rh-
(a) Their first child will die
(b) No child will be born
(c) the first child will survive
(d) All the children will survive
Answer: (c)