Immunity System Questions, Paper – 02

Immunity System Questions – Paper 02, Total Questions: 20, Subject: Biology, Topic: Immunity System, Question Type: MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions)

Sr. No. Questions Answers
1. Which is not involved in elicitation of immune response
(a) Thymus
(b) Spleen
(c) Brain
(d) Lymph nodes
Answer: (c)
2. Antibodies are complex
(a) Lipoproteins
(b) Steroids
(c) Prostaglandins
(d) Glycoproteins
Answer: (d)
3. Antibodies are formed by
(a) T-cells
(b) Monocytes
(c) Phagocytes
(d) B-cells
Answer: (d)
4. Which of the following is correctly matched
(a) National Institute of Virology – Pune
(b) National Institute of Communicable Diseases – Lucknow
(c) Central Drug Research Institute – Kasauli
(d) National Institute of Nutrition – Mumbai
Answer: (a)
5. Antibodies are produced by
(a) Histiocytes
(b) Mast cells
(c) Plasma cells
(d) Fibroblasts
Answer: (c)
6. Antibodies belong to class of proteins
(a) Structural
(b) Transport
(c) Immunoglobulin
(d) Enzymatic
Answer: (c)
7. Antibody
(a) Induces formation of antigen
(b) Helps in production of WBC
(c) Is formed by WBC
(d) None of the above
Answer: (c)
8. Antibody formation and immunity production by globulin protein is found in
(a) Haemoglobin of RBCs
(b) Blood platelets
(c) Plasma
(d) Cytoplasm of RBCs
Answer: (c)
9. Antibody is connected with
(a) Respiratory system
(b) Immune system
(c) Digestive system
(d) skeletal System
Answer: (b)
10. Antibody production is carried out by
(a) Monocytes
(b) Leucocytes
(c) Lymphocytes
(d) Erthrocytes
Answer: (c)
11. Antigen binding site in an antibody is found between
(a) two light chains
(b) two heavy chains
(c) one heavy and one light chain
(d) both (B) and (C) depending upon nature of antigen
Answer: (c)
12. Antigen binding site of immunologlobin is
(a) Variable region of heavy chain
(b) Variable region of light chain
(c) Constant region of light chain
(d) Variable region of both heavy and light chains
Answer: (d)
13. Antigen determinant differs from antigen binding site in its
(a) Location
(b) Function
(c) Structure
(d) All the above
Answer: (d)
14. Antigenic determinants of an antigen that are recognized by antibody are
(a) Paratopes
(b) Epitopes
(c) Isotopes
(d) Nondeterminants
Answer: (b)
15. Antigens are found
(a) Inside cytoplasm
(b) Inside nucleus
(c) On nuclear envelope
(d) On cell surface
Answer: (d)
16. BCG vaccine provides protection against
(a) Measles
(b) Cholera
(c) T.B.
(d) Small pox
Answer: (c)
17. Binding of antigen to antibody is through
(a) Disulphide bridges
(b) Amide formation
(c) covalent bonds
(d) Electrostatic interactions
Answer: (d)
18. Blood group A has
(a) Antibody a on RBC
(b) Antibody a in plasma
(c) Antigen A on RBC
(d) Antigen A in plasma
Answer: (c)
19. Blood group AB has
(a) No antigen
(b) No antibody
(c) Neither antigen nor antibody
(d) Both antigen and antibody
Answer: (b)
20. Blood group is due to
(a) Specific antigens on the surface of WBC
(b) Specific antibodies on the surface of RBC
(c) Specific antigens on the surface of RBC
(d) Types of haemoglobin
Answer: (c)