General Awareness

With stiff competition and privatization of educational bodies enormous changes have been noted in the way in which a student pursues his studies. The prescribed syllabus is focused too much and consequently a student has no time to read general books and even the newspaper.
It is highly important for students to gaze into the moral issues, general knowledge discussions and the things happening around him or her.

A mere technical skill is insufficient to establish as a successful student and professional, since we need lot of other substance and quality to lead life.

Inculcate in you the habit of reading useful general books, auto biographies, our history, current affairs etc. to experience different characteristics of knowledge.

Our endeavor is to provide you with few drops from this knowledge of ocean.


Former Presidents of India

Prime Ministers of India

Chief Justices of Supreme Court of India

Chief Election Commissioner of India

Recognised political parties in India


Important Days

Festivals in India

Religions in India: A comparison

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Educational Resources

Glossary of Abbreviations and Acronyms

Higher Education in India (Official websites)

Engineering Entrance Examinations (Official websites)

The motivation theories for students

Sobriquets: Nick names of important places and persons

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