Physics Questions: Paper - 05

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Physics Model Question Paper 5: (For Class 11 and 12 and Pre-Medical/Engineering Entrance)



A body of mass M starts sliding down on the inclined plane where the critical angle is ACB = 30 as shown in figure. The coefficient of kinetic friction will be

inclined plane


(A) Mg/

(B) Mg


(D) None of these

Answer: (C)


A neutron, a proton, an electron and an a - particle enter a region of uniform magnetic field with the same velocities. The magnetic field is perpendicular and directed into the plane of the paper. The tracks of the particles are labelled in the figure. The electron follows the track

(A) D

(B) C

(C) B

(D) A

Answer: (A)


An n-p-n transistor can be considered to be equivalent to two diodes, connected. Which of the following figures is the CORRECT ONE?

n-p-n transistor

Answer: (C)


Block A of mass 2 kg is placed over block B of mass 8 kg. The combination is placed over a rough horizontal surface. Coefficient of friction between B and the floor is 0.5. Coefficient of friction between A and B is 0.4. A horizontal force of 10 N is applied on block B. The force of friction between A and B is ______.

(A) zero

(B) 50 N

(C) 40 N

(D) 100 N

Answer: (A)


Consider the following statements regarding the network shown in the figure.

a) The equivalent resistance of the network between points A and B is independent of value of G.

b) The equivalent resistance of the network between points A and B is R.

c) The current through G is zero.

Which of the above statements is/are TRUE?

(A) (a), (b) and ( c)

(B) (b) and (c)

(C) (b) alone

(D) (a) alone

Answer: (A)


Consider two insulated chambers (A, B) of same volume connected by a closed knob, S. 1 mole of perfect gas is confined in chamber A. What is the change in entropy of gas when knob S is opened?

R = 8.31 J mol1K1.

two insulated chambers


(A) 1.46 J/K

(B) 3.46 J/K

(C) 5.46 J/K

(D) 7.46 J/K

Answer: (C)


Current through ABC and A'B'C' is I. What is the magnetic field at

P? BP = PB' = r (Here C'B' PBC are collinear)

(A) B =

(B) B =

(C) B =

(D) Zero

Answer: (B)


Five equal resistance, each of resistance R, are connected as shown in figure below. A battery of V volt is connected between A and B. The current flowing in FC will be

Five equal resistance






Answer: (C)


In the case of forward biasing of a p-n junction diode, which one of the following figures correctly depicts the direction of conventional current (indicated by an arrow mark)?

p-n junction diode

Answer: (A)


In the circuit shown, the currents i1 and i2 are ______.


i1 = 0.5 A, i2 = 1.5 A

(A) i1 = 3 A, i2 = 1 A

(B) i1 = 1 A, i2 = 3 A

(C) i1 = 0.5 A, i2 = 1.5 A

(D) i1 = 1.5 A, i2 = 0.5 A

Answer: (C)