Physics Questions: Paper - 03

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Physics Model Question Paper 3: (For Class 11 and 12 and Pre-Medical/Engineering Entrance)


Q. 1.

The total energy stored in the condenser system shown in the figure will be

condenser system
2 mJ

(B) 4 mJ

(C) 8 mJ

(D) 16 mJ

Answer: (C)

Q. 2.

Force F on a particle moving in a straight line varies with distance d as shown in the figure. The work done on the particle during its displacement of 12 m is

(A) 13 J

(B) 18 J

(C) 21 J

(D) 26 J

Answer: (A)

Q. 3.

The value of alternating emf E in the given circuit will be

alternating emf

(A) 220 V

(B) 140 V

(C) 100 V

(D) 20 V

Answer: (C)

Q. 4.

There is a uniform electric field of intensity E which is as shown. How many labeled points have the same electric potential as the fully shaded point?

uniform electric field


(A) 8

(B) 11

(C) 2

(D) 3

Answer: (D)

Q. 5.

Three voltmeters A, B and C having resistances R, 1.5 R and 3R respectively are used in a circuit as shown. When a P.D. is applied between X and Y, the reading of the voltmeters are V1, V2 and V3 respectively. Then ______.

Three voltmeters

(A) V1 > V2 > V3

(B) V1 > V2 = V3

(C) V1 = V2 = V3

(D) V1 < V2 = V3

Answer: (C)

Q. 6.

Four electric charges +q, +q, q and q are placed at the corners of a square of side 2L (see figure). The electric potential at point A, midway between the two charges +q and +q, is

Four electric charges

(A) Zero




Answer: (D)

Q. 7.

To get an output y = 1 from the circuit shown, the inputs A, B and C must be respectively

(A) 0, 1, 0

(B) 1, 0, 0

(C) 1, 0, 1

(D) 1, 1, O

Answer: (C)

Q. 8.

Two small spheres of masses M1, and M2 are suspended by weightless insulating threads of lengths L1, and L2. The spheres carry charges of Q1, and Q2 respectively. The spheres are suspended such that they are in level with one another and the threads are inclined to the vertical at angles of 8, and 0, as shown. Which one of the following conditions is essential, if q, = q2?

spheres of masses

(A) Q1 = Q2

(B) L1 = L2

(C) M1 ≠ M2, but Q1 = Q2

(D) M1 = M2

Answer: (D)

Q. 9.

Two thick wires and two thin wires, all of same material and same length, form a square in three different ways P, Q and R as shown in the figure. With correct connections shown, the magnetic field due to the current flow, at the centre of the loop will be zero in case of ______.

(A) P and Q only

(B) P and R only

(C) Q and R only

(D) P only

Answer: (B)

Q. 10.

A current carrying closed loop in the form of a right angle isosceles triangle ABC is placed in a uniform magnetic field acting along AB. If the magnetic force on the arm BC is , the force on the arm AC is

right angle isosceles triangle






Answer: (C)