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Natural Resources | Nature Conservation

Natural resources are obtained from environment. Land and raw materials are economically referred as Natural Resources. Some examples of natural resources are Air, Atmosphere, Animals, Coal, Fossil Fuels, Rock, Mineral, Forestry, Soils, Water, Oceans, Lakes, Groundwater and Rivers, Solar Power.

We regulate our livelihood and life style with the settings, availability and exploration of natural resources in our lives. Natural resources provide the support on which the structure of development of a society is elevated.

However the use of natural resources relies upon the kind of financial system that the society own, use of technology and preference of the society. Societies with low level of developmental ability are less uncovered to the importance of natural resources.

Natural resources have direct relationship with the physiographic conditions of society besides climate, geology, vegetation. Thus we need to move from the sustainable use of natural resources to an imperative study and adoption of Natural Resources for human development.

There is an urgent need to locate the endemic, rare and threatened plant species and adopt concrete conservation strategies.