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Biotechnology - An Introduction

Biotechnology is the application of scientific and technical advancement in life science for the development of commercial items. It is a research oriented science which combines biology and technology. Biotechnology is regarded as the next leading edge in scientific exploration.

Biotechnology is dependent on biological sciences i.e., biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, genetics, microbiology, etc.

Further Biotechnology encompasses studies from outside the area of biology merging subjects like, information technology, chemical engineering, bioprocess engineering, embryology, immunology, virology, health and medicine, agriculture and animal husbandry, seed technology, ecology, soil science, etc.

Applications of Biotechnology: The applications of Biotechnology are found mostly in industrial areas for the well being of human and other living organisms, including health care, crop production and agriculture, non-food items processing, animal husbandry, waste management and environmental uses.

Emerging Branches of Biotechnology: Few amongst the several branches of Biotechnology are Bioinformatics, Blue biotechnology, Green biotechnology, Red biotechnology, White biotechnology etc.
Biotechnology in Medicine: Modern biotechnology has contributed accomplished applications in areas of medicine such as pharmaceutical production, pharmacogenomics, gene therapy and genetic testing.

Job Prospects: Biotechnology sector in India is one of the fastest growing sectors playing a key role in influencing India's rapid economic development. In India following are the domains that extend lucrative Job opportunities for postgraduates in biotechnology: research and development, regulatory affairs, Drug and pharmaceutical research, Public funded laboratories, Chemicals, Mechanical and Process, Environment control, Waste management, Energy, Food processing,  Bio-processing industries and product support.

A separate Department of Biotechnology (DBT), under the Ministry of Science and Technology in 1986 has given a new thrust to the development of the field of modern biology and biotechnology in India.