Biotechnology Questions, Paper – 05

NEET Biotechnology Questions – Paper 05, Total Questions: 20, Subject: Biology, Topic: Biotechnology, Type: MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions)

Sr. No. Questions Answers
1. In a DNA molecule cytosine is 18%. Percentage of adenine would be
(a) 32%
(b) 64%
(c) 36%
(d) 18%
Answer: (a)
2. In AGCT of DNA hydrogen bonds and base pairings occur between
(a) A-U, C-G
(b) A-C, G-T
(c) A-G,C-T
(d) A-T,C-G
Answer: (d)
3. In callus culture, roots can be induced by the supply of
(a) Auxin and no cytokinin
(b) Higher concentration of auxin and lower concentration of cytokinin
(c) Higher concentration of cytokinin and lower concentration of auxin
(d) Both auxin and cytokinin in equal proportions.
Answer: (b)
4. In DNA, adenine pairs with
(a) Guanine
(b) Thymine
(c) Cytosine
(d) Uracil
Answer: (b)
5. In DNA, guanine lies opposite
(a) Uracil
(b) Cytosine
(c) Adenine
(d) thymine
Answer: (b)
6. In double helix of DNA, the two DNA strands are
(a) Coiled around a common axis
(b) coiled around each other
(c) coiled differently
(d) Colied over protein sheath
Answer: (a)
7. In RNA, thymine is replaced by
(a) Adenine
(b) Guanine
(c) Cytosine
(d) Uracil
Answer: (d)
8. In tissue / bacterial culture glassware and nutrients are sterilized through
(a) Water bath at 200° C
(b) Dry air oven at 200° C
(c) Dehumidifire
(d) Autoclave
Answer: (d)
9. In tissue culture, callus can be induced to form shoot or root by altering the ratio of
(a) Auxin to cytokinin
(b) Cytokinin to ethylene
(c)  Auxin to gibberellin
(d) Gibberellin to cytokinin
Answer: (a)
10. Initiation codon of protein synthesis (in eucaryotes) is
(a) GUA
(b) GCA
(c) CCA
(d) AUG
Answer: (d)
11. Introduction of foreign genes for improving genotype is
(a) Tissue culture
(b) Immunisation
(c) Biotechnology
(d) Genetic engineering
Answer: (b)
12. It is now possible to breed plants and animals with desired characters through
(a) Genetic engineering
(b) Chromosome engineering
(c) Ikebana technique
(d) Bonsia technique
Answer: (a)
13. Most abundant RNA of the cell of
(a) tRNA
(b) rRNA
(c) mRNA
(d) tRNA
Answer: (b)
14. Nitrogen bases of DNA are
(a) ATUC
(b) UTGC
(c) ATGC
(d) AUGC
Answer: (c)
15. Nonsense codon takes part in
(a) Terminating message of gene controlled protein synthesis
(b) Formation of unspecified amino acids
(c) Conversion of sense DNA into non-sense one
(d) Releasing tRNA from polypeptide chain
Answer: (a)
16. Nucleosides are
(a) Sugar + Phosphoric acid
(b) Purine / Pyrimidine + Sugar + Phosphate
(c) Purine / Pyrimidine + Phosphoric acid
(d) Purine / Pyrimidine + Sugar
Answer: (d)
17. Nucleotides present in one turn of DNA helix
(a) 4
(b) 8
(c) 10
(d) 9
Answer: (c)
18. Okazaki segments are formed during
(a) Transduction
(b) Transcription
(c) Replication
(d) Translation
Answer: (c)
19. Plants developed in vitro culture from pollen grains are
(a) Androgenic plants
(b) Pollen plants
(c) Male plants
(d) Sterile plants
Answer: (a)
20. Plasmids are vectors for gene cloning because they
(a) Self replicate in bacterial cells
(b) Replicate freely outside bacterial cells
(c) Can be multiplied in culture
(d) Can be multiplied in laboratories using enzymes
Answer: (a)