Vermiculture, Fisheries: Question Paper – 01

Vermiculture and Fisheries Questions, Paper 01, Total Questions: 10, Subject: Biology, Topic: Vermiculture, Fisheries, Paper Type: MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions)

Sr. No. Questions Answers
1. ________ is employed for rearing of earthworms
(a) Bamboo tray
(b) Apiary
(c) Vermibox
(d) Poultry farm
Answer: (c)
2. Cod liver oil is rich in
(a) Vitamins A and D
(b) Vitamins A and C
(c) Vitamins A and B
(d) Vitamins A and E
Answer: (a)
3. Crustacean fishery is connected with exploitation of
(a) Oysters and Crabs
(b) Mussels and Squids
(c) Shells and Cuttle fish
(d) Lobster and Prawn
Answer: (d)
4. Cultivation of fishes in artificially prepared ponds or water bodies is called
(a) Aquaculture
(b) Pisciculture
(c) Vermiculture
(d) Agriculture
Answer: (b)
5. Drying of fishes by lowering temperature is
(a) Smoking
(b) Freeze drying
(c) Salting
(d) Chilling
Answer: (b)
6. Earthworms which are seen on the surface are called
(a) Epigeic (epigenic)
(b) Endogeic (endogenic)
(c) Annecic
(d) Hygienic
Answer: (a)
7. Fish flour is rich in
(a) Fat
(b) Protein
(c) Vitamins
(d) Minerals
Answer: (b)
8. Fish introduced in India by foreigners is
(a) Labeo rohita
(b) Mystus singhala
(c) Pomfret
(d) Clarias batrachus
Answer: (c)
9. Fishes reared in culture fishery in India are
(a) Salmon and Rohu
(b) Salmon and Catla
(c) Catla ad Magur
(d) Rohu and Catla
Answer: (d)
10. Hypophysation is done in major carps
(a) to increase size
(b) to increase their growth
(c) to increase breeding in fisheries
(d) to increase their palatability
Answer: (c)