Animal Tissue – Question Paper 03

Sr. No. Questions Answers
1. Mammary gland is a modified______.
(A) Endocrine gland
(B) Ecrine gland
(C) Merocrine gland
(D) Apocrine gland
Answer: (D)
2. Mast cells occur in______.
(A) Nervous tissue
(B) Connective tissue
(C) Epithelial tissue
(D) Skeletal tissue
Answer: (B)
3. Mast cells of connective tissue contain______.
(A) Vasopressin and relaxin
(B) Heparin and histamine
(C) Heparin and calcitonin
(D) Serotonin and melanin
Answer: (B)
4. Myoglobin is found in______.
(A) White fibre
(B) Red fibre
(C) Yellow fibre
(D) All of them
Answer: (B)
5. Myoglobin occurs in______.
(A) Liver
(B) Blood
(C) Muscles
(D) Spleen
Answer: (C)
6. The junction of two neurons is called
(A) Synapse
(B) Relay
(C) Synapsis
(D) Conduction zone
Answer: (A)
7. New blood cells are formed in ______.
(A) Adipose cells
(B) Bone marrow
(C) Liver
(D) Matrix
Answer: (B)
8. Notochord develops from embyronic layer______.
(A) Ectoderm
(B) Mesoderm
(C) Endodem
(D) Both (A) and (B)
Answer: (B)
9. Oesophagus, stomach and intestine are lined with______.
(A) Transitional epithelium
(B) Striated columnar epithelium
(C) Simple columnar epithelium
(D) Simple squamous epithelium
Answer: (C)
10. Processes of osteoblasts are called______.
(A) Dendrite
(B) Lamella
(C) Canaliculae
(D) Haversian canal
Answer: (C)
11. Pseudo-stratified epithelium is present in
(A) Kidney
(B) Urinary bladder
(C) Larynx
(D) Trachea
Answer: (D)
12. RBC was kept in a solution, in few minutes it got burst, the solution was______.
(A) Hypertonic
(B) Isotonic
(C) Hypotonic
(D) Cane sugar solution
Answer: (C)
13. Red pulp and white pulp are histological structure found in______.
(A) Tooth
(B) Spleen
(C) Bone
(D) Skeletal muscle
Answer: (B)
14. Transitional epithelium is found in
(A) Urinary bladder
(B) Larynx
(C) Trachea
(D) Kidney
Answer: (A)
15. Sarcolemma is a membrane found over______.
(A) Nerve libre
(B) Cardiac muscle
(C) Muscle libre
(D) Heart
Answer: (C)
16. Sarcomere is the distance between______.
(A) Z line and A band
(B) Two Z lines
(C) I band and H zone
(D) A and I bands
Answer: (B)
17. Schwann cell is found around______.
(A) Axon
(B) Cyton
(C) Dendrite
(D) Dendron
Answer: (A)
18. Secretion of sebaceous gland is______.
(A) Holocrine
(B) Apocrine
(C) Ecrine
(D) Merocrine
Answer: (A)
19. The structural and functional unit of the striated muscle fibre is called
(A) Z-band
(B) Myofibril
(C) Sarcoplasm
(D) Sarcomere
Answer: (D)
20. The efferent process of neuron is called:
(A) Dendrite
(B) Axon
(C) Cyton
(D) Dendron
Answer: (B)