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Reproduction - an Introduction

Each individual organism exists as the result of reproduction. Reproduction is the process of formation of life from pre-existing life. It is a fundamental feature of all known life.

It is a distinguishing characteristic of living systems and it is essential for the continuation of every living organisms.

The two known methods of reproduction are: sexual and asexual.

Asexual reproduction: In this process an organism creates a genetically similar offspring of itself without the contribution of genetic material from another individual. Asexual reproduction does not involve formation and fusion of gametes. It takes places by fission, fragmentation, regeneration, budding etc.

Sexual reproduction: This biological process involves two different members of the species and the offspring has a contribution of the genetic material of both the parents.

Different organisms have different method of reproduction i.e., fission, budding, fragmentation, spore formation and vegetative propagation.

Reproduction ranges from the simple process of budding (a new organism grows on another one) and binary fission (the division of cells into new cells as a method of reproducing cells) in bacteria to the complex process of sexual reproduction in plants and animals.

Animals may reproduce by asexual or sexual methods.

In human beings, reproduction is sexual, syngamous, anisogamous and viviparous.

Human reproduction Sequence
Gametogenesis: The formation of production of gametes in gonads
Sexual intercourse (copulation) and insemination
Fertilization: fusion of gametes
Embryogeny: The development and growth of an embryo
Organogenesis: development of organs
Parturition: Process of bringing forth a child from the uterus

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