Plant Water Relations questions : MCQs

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1. Plant Water Relations Paper - 1
2. Plant Water Relations Paper - 2
3. Plant Water Relations Paper - 3
4. Plant Water Relations Paper - 4
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5. Plant Water Relations Paper - 5
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6. Plant Water Relations Paper - 6
(Previous year questions)

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This web page provides online question papers containing MCQs (Multiple choice questions) on Plant Water Relations. GELI Enterprises and CET Biology Academy has taken this initiative of providing Biology MCQs to Entrance Examination Applicants. It will suffice the need of study preparation for future medicos. We have taken into consideration the prescribed entrance syllabus by different state boards and centre these question papers have been exclusively designed to solve student's purpose. MHT-CET, AIPMT, AIIMS, AFMC, DPMT, BHU, IP MBBS entrance applicants would extremely benefit by solving these question papers.

The first three question papers have been contributed by Prof. Dr. Krishnakant Jha, CET Biology Academy. You can let us know your experience and comments of viewing these question papers at We hope our sincere efforts would serve student communities in their study venture.