Plant Growth Questions: Paper - 02

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Plant Growth Questions: Paper - 02


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1. The phase of growth which is the first phase and represents lag phase of growth curve is
(A) Formative phase
(B) Cell enlargement phase
(C) Maturation phase
(D) Stationery phase
Answer: (A)
2. The lateral meristem in plant is reponsible for
(A) Primary growth
(B) Secondary growth
(C) Exponential growth
(D) Growht in elongation
Answer: (B)
3. Plant growth can be measured by
(A) Horizontal microscope
(B) Crescograph
(C) Auxanometer
(D) All the above
Answer: (D)
4. The rate of growth is called as
(A) Growing index
(B) Increasing index
(C) Effective index
(D) Efficiency index
Answer: (D)
5. Which of the following shows secondary growth?
(A) Monocots
(B) Dicots
(C) Ferns
(D) Mosses
Answer: (B)
6. Growth can be measured in terms of
(A) Fresh or fry weight increase
(B) Increase in girth of stem
(C) Increase is surface area of leaf
(C) All the above
Answer: (D)
7. Auxins were first isolated form the plants by
(A) Darwin
(B) F.W.Wend
(C) Boysen-Jensen
(D) Sachs
Answer: (B)
8. Apical dominance is due to
(A) Abcisic acid
(B) Gibberelic acid
(C) Auxin
(D) Cytokinin
Answer: (C)
9. Harmone related with cell divisions is
(C) Cytokinin
(D) GA3
Answer: (C)
10. Which of the following harmone is mainly concerned with root Initiation?
(A) Kinetin
(B) GA3
Answer: (C)
11. Primary precursor of IAA is
(A) Methionine
(B) Adenine
(C) Tryptophan
(D) Alanine
Answer: (C)
12. Avena-Curvature biossay was conducted by
(A) Went
(B) Pal
(C) Darwin
(D) Boysen-Jenson
Answer: (A)
13. Which one of the following grooups comprises synthetic auxin?
(A) 2, 4-D; 2, 4, 5, -T and Zeatin
(B) Gibberellic acid, ABA, IAA
(C) 2, 4-D, 2, 4, 5 – T and NAA
(D) Cytokinin, IAA, IBA
Answer: (C)
14. Which property is specifically attributed to gibberellins?
(A) Apical bud growth inhibition
(B) Root initiation in stem cuttings
(C) Elongation of genetically dwarf plants
(D) Act as selective weedicide
Answer: (C)
15. Cytokinins are the derivatives of
(A) Purine base guanine
(B) Purine base adenine
(C) Pyrimidine base cytosine
(D) Both(A) and(B)
Answer: (B)
16. Richmond-Lang effect is shown by
(A) Auxin
(B) Gibberellin
(C) Cytokinin
(D) Ethylene
Answer: (C)
17. The ripening harmone is
(A) Auxin
(B) Ethylene
(C) GA
Answer: (B)
18. The photoperiodic stimulus perceived by
(A) Leaves
(B) Buds
(C) Meristem
(D) Flowers
Answer: (A)
19. Garner and Allard are credited for discovery of
(A) Phototropism
(B) Photoperiodism
(C) Phtorespiraton
(D) Photomorphogenesis
Answer: (B)
20. Which of the following can stop flowring in short day plants
(A) Longer but discontinuous dark period
(B) Photopertiod longer than critical duration
(C) Very short period
(D) Any of these
Answer: (D)