GATE Chemical Engineering Question Papers: (CH)

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The field of Chemical Engineering is an assorted one, as it covers areas from biotechnology and nanotechnology to mineral processing.

The studies of Chemical Engineering deals with the application of physical science (chemistry and physics), life sciences (biology, microbiology) and biochemistry with mathematics, for the production of converting raw materials.

Modern Chemical Engineering is also concerned with introducing ideas and methods of materials and techniques with the integration of nanotechnology, fuel cells and biomedical engineering. It is mainly involves the planning, development and safeguarding the processes of chemical or biological transformations for large-scale manufacture.  It is applied in the manufacturing of wide varieties of products e.g., inorganic and organic industrial chemicals, ceramics, fuels and petrochemicals, agrochemicals, explosives, detergents, fragrances, additives etc.

However the modern chemical engineering, encompasses much more than just process engineering. Chemical engineers are now take part in the development and production of a varied range of products and chemicals needed for aerospace, automotive, biomedical, electronic, environmental, space and military applications.