JEE Main, NEET MCQs Set 26

JEE MAIN, AIPMT, Chemistry Question Papers – MCQs Test 26

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Which of the following forms a colour less solution in aqueous medium?

(A) Ti 3+

(B) Sc 3+

(C) V 3+

(D) Cr 3+

Answer: (B)


Which of the following has the maximum number of unpaired  ‘d’ electrons?

(A) Zn2+

(B) Fe2+

(C) Ni3+

(D) Cu+

Answer: (B)


Which of the following has the minimum bond length?

(A) O2




Answer: (B)


Which of the following is an intensive property?

(A) temperature

(B) surface tension

(C) viscosity

(D) all of these

Answer: (D)


Which of the following is correct option for free expansion of an ideal gas under adiabatic condition?

(A) q = 0, ΔT < 0, w ≠ 0

(B) q = 0, ΔT ≠ 0, w = 0

(C) q ≠ 0, ΔT = 0, w = 0

(D) q = 0, ΔT = 0, w = 0

Answer: (D)


Which of the following is least likely to behave is Lewis base?

(A) OH

(B) H2O

(C) NH3

(D) BF3

Answer: (D)


Which of the following organic compounds answers to both iodoform test and Fehling’s test’?

(A) ethanol

(B) methanal

(C) ethanal

(D) propanone

Answer: (C)


Which of the following pairs of metals is purified by van Arkel method?

(A) Ni and Fe

(B) Ga and In

(C) Zr and Ti

(D) Ag and Au

Answer: (C)


Which one of the following is present as an active ingredient in bleaching powder for bleaching action?

(A) CaCl2

(B) CaOCl2

(C) Ca(OCl)2

(D) CaO2Cl

Answer: (C)


Which of the following species does not exert a resonance effect?

(A) C6H5NH2

(B) C6H5NH3

(C) C6H5OH

(D) C6H5Cl

Answer: (B)

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