JEE Main, NEET MCQs Set 24

JEE MAIN, AIPMT, Chemistry Question Papers – MCQs Test 24

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Thermodynamic standard conditions of temperature and pressure are

(A) 0°C and 1 atm

(B) 273 k and 101.3 k Pa

(C) 298 k and 1 atm

(D) 0°C and 101.3 k Pa

Answer: (C)


Three moles of PCl5, three moles of PCI3 and two moles of Clz are taken in a closed vessel. If at equilibrium the vessel has 1.5 moles of PCl5, the number of moles of PCl3 present in it is

(A) 5

(B) 3

(C) 6

(D) 4.5

Answer: (D)


Time required for 100 percent completion of a zero order reaction is ______.



(C) a k


Answer: (D)


Two gases A and B having the same volume diffuse through a porous partition in 20 and 10 seconds respectively.

The molecular mass of A is 49 u. Molecular mass of B will be

(A) 25.00 u

(B) 50.00 u

(C) 12.25 u

(D) 6.50 u

Answer: (C)


Vapour pressure of pure ‘A’ is 70 mm of Hg at 25 °C. It forms an ideal solution with ‘B’ in which mole fraction of A is 0.8. lf the vapour pressure of the solution is 84 mm of Hg at 25 °C, the vapour pressure of pure ‘B’ at 25 °C is

(A) 70 mm

(B) 140 mm

(C) 28 mm

(D) 56 mm

Answer: (B)


Waxes are esters of

(A) glycerol

(B) long chain alcohols

(C) glycerol and fatty acid

(D) long chain alcohols and long chain fatty acids

Answer: (D)


When a sulphur sol is evaporated sulphur is obtained. On mixing with water sulphur sol

is not formed. The sol is

(A) hydrophilic

(B) hydrophobic

(C) reversible

(D) lyophilic

Answer: (B)


When carbon monoxide is passed over solid caustic soda heated to 200°C, it forms

(A) Na2CO3

(B) NaHCO3



Answer: (C)


When compared to DG0 for the formation of Al2O3 , the AG0 for the formation of Cr2O3 is

(A) higher

(B) lower

(C) same

(D) unpredicted

Answer: (A)


When conc. H2SO4 is heated with P2 05 , the acid is converted into

(A) sulphur

(B) sulphur dioxide

(C) sulphur trioxide

(D) a mixture of sulphur dioxide and sulphur trioxide

Answer: (C)


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