JEE Main, AIPMT MCQs Set 21

JEE MAIN, AIPMT, Chemistry Question Papers – MCQs Test 21

Sr. No.




The monomers of Buna-S rubber are

(A) vinyl chloride and sulphur

(B) butadiene

(C) styrene and butadiene

(D) isoprene and butadiene

Answer: (C)


The noble gas mixture is cooled in a coconut bulb at 173 K. The gases that are not adsorbed are

(A) He and Ne

(B) Ar and Kr

(C) He and Xe

(D) Ne and Xe

Answer: (A)


Which one of the following shows functional isomerism?

(A) CH2Cl2

(B) C2H5OH

(C) C3H6

(D) C2H4

Answer: (B)


The number of disulphide linkages present in insulin are

(A) 1

(B) 2

(C) 3

(D) 4

Answer: (B)


The number of gram molecules of chlorine in 6.02 × 1025 hydrogen chloride molecules is

(A) 5

(B) 50

(C) 100

(D) 10

Answer: (B)


The number of nodal planes present in σ * s antibonding orbitals is

(A) 1

(B) 2

(C) 0

(D) 3

Answer: (A)


The number of unidentate ligands in the complex ion is called


(B) Coordination number

(C) primary valency

(D) oxidation number

Answer: (B)


The one which has least Iodine value is

(A) Ghee

(B) Groundnut oil

(C) Sunflower oil

(D) Ginger oil

Answer: (A)


The order of stability of metal oxides is

(A) Fe2O3 < Cr2O3 < AIZO3 < MgO

(B) Fe2O3 < Al2O3 < Cr2O3 < MgO

(C) Al2O3 < MgO < Fe2O3< Cr2O3

(D) Cr2O3 < MgO < Al2O3 < Fe2O3

Answer: (A)


Which one of the following statement is no true?

(A) Oxides of sulphur, nitrogen and carbon are the most widespread air pollutant

(B) pH of drinking water should be between 5.5 – 9.5

(C) Concentration of DO below 6 ppm is good for the growth of fish

(D) Clean water would have a BOD value of less than 5 ppm

Answer: (C)

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