JEE Main, NEET MCQs Set 15

JEE MAIN, AIPMT, Chemistry Question Papers – MCQs Test 15

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Of the following which one is classified as polyester polymer?

(A) Nylon-66

(B) Terylene

(C) Backelite

(D) Melamine

Answer: (B)


One dm3 solution containing 105 moles each of Cl ions and CrO ions is treated with 104 mole of silver nitrate. Which one of the following observations is made?

[KSP Ag2 CrO4, = 4 X 1012]

[KSP AgCl = 1 x1010]

(A) Silver chromate gets precipitated first.

(B) Precipitation does not occur.

(C) Both silver chromate and silver chloride start precipitating simultaneously.

(D) Silver chloride gets precipitated first.

Answer: (D)


One gram of silver gets distributed between 10 cm3 of molten zinc and 100 cm3 of molten lead at 800°C. The percentage of silver in the zinc layer is approximately ______.

(A) 91

(B) 89

(C) 94

(D) 97

Answer: (D)


One mole of an organic compound ‘A’ with the formula C3H8O reacts completely with two moles of HI to form X and Y. When ‘Y’ is boiled with aqueous alkali forms Z.Z

answers the iodoform test. The compound ‘A’ is ______.

(A) Propan -1 -o1

(B) Propan -2 -o1

(C) methoxyethane

(D) ethoxyethane

Answer: (C)


One mole of oxygen at 273 k and one mole of sulphur dioxide at 546 k are taken in two separate containers, then,

(A) kinetic energy of O2 > kinetic energy of SO2 .

(B) kinetic energy of O2 < kinetic energy of SO2.

(C) kinetic energy of both are equal.

(D) None of these

Answer: (B)


One mole of which of the following has the highest entropy?

(A) liquid nitrogen

(B) hydrogen gas

(C) mercury

(D) diamond

Answer: (B)


Paracetamol is a/ an

(A) antimalarial

(B) antipyretic

(C) analgesic

(D) both 2 and 3

Answer: (D)


Peroxide ion ______.

a) is diamagnetic.

b) has five completely filled antibonding molecular orbitals.

c) is isoelectronic with neon.

d) has bond order one.

Which one of these is correct?

(A) a), b) and d)

(B) d) and c)

(C) a) and d)

(D) a), b) and c)

Answer: (C)


pH value of which one of the following is not equal to one?

(A) 0.05 M H2SO4

(B) 0.1 M HNO3

(C) 50cm3 of 0.4 M HCI +50 cm3 of 0.2M NaOH

(D) 0.1 M CH3 COOH

Answer: (D)


Phenol  forms a tribromo derivative “X” is ______.

(A) bromine in water

(B) bromine in benzene

(C) bromine in carbon tetrachloride at 0°C.

(D) potassium bromide solution

Answer: (A)

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