NEET UG Syllabus: Topic List (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) 121


For admission to MBBS courses across India

(Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

NEET: National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test
After assessment of various state syllabus (entrance test for admission to MBBS) and those prepared by CBSE, NCERT and COBSE, the Medical Council of India (MCI) recommends the following syllabus for NEET UG (National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test for admission to MBBS courses) across the country.

PHYSICS (Click for the detailed Syllabus)

Physics syllabus of class 11th

S.No.   Topics
1          Physical world and measurement
2          Kinematics
3          Laws of Motion
4          Work, Energy and Power
5          Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body
6          Gravitation
7          Properties of Bulk Matter
8          Thermodynamics
9          Behaviour of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory
10        Oscillations and Waves

Physics syllabus of Class 12th

S.No.   Topics
1          Electrostatics
2          Current Electricity
3          Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism
4          Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents
5          Electromagnetic Waves
6          Optics
7          Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation
8          Atoms and Nuclei
9          Electronic Devices

CHEMISTRY (Click for the detailed Syllabus)

Chemistry syllabus of class 11th

S.No.   Topics
1          Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
2          Structure of Atom
3          Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
4          Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
5          States of Matter: Gases and Liquids
6          Thermodynamics
7          Equilibrium
8          Redox Reactions
9          Hydrogen
10        s-Block Element (Alkali and Alkaline earth metals)
11        Some p-Block Elements
12        Organic Chemistry-Some Basic Principles and Techniques
13        Hydrocarbons
14        Environmental Chemistry

Chemistry syllabus of class 12th

S.No.   Topics
1          Solid State
2          Solutions
3          Electrochemistry
4          Chemical Kinetics
5          Surface Chemistry
6          General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements
7          p-Block Elements
8          d and f Block Elements
9          Coordination Compounds
10        Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
11        Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers
12        Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
13        Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
14        Biomolecules
15        Polymers
16        Chemistry in Everyday Life

BIOLOGY (Click for the detailed Syllabus)

Biology syllabus of class 11th

S.No.   Topics
1          Diversity in Living World
2          Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants
3          Cell Structure and Function
4          Plant Physiology
5          Human physiology

Biology syllabus of class 12th

S.No.   Topics
1          Reproduction
2          Genetics and Evolution
3          Biology and Human Welfare
4          Biotechnology and Its Applications
5          Ecology and environment

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    i am studying 12 in state board school.i want to attend mbbs entrance exam.will i study state board syllabus or cbse syllabus?

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      don’t worry…i have done my 12th from cbse and i am from u.p . u must study NCERT books for phy,chem n bio…its like bible…read it thoroughly..its the main book

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    please can i get more details about the imp and core topics imp for the exam? may i know how many total seats are there for general class?


    this is right syllabus for cbse course only.

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    it is very good news that neet is held and 100% sheet fills in all medical college

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  • shubham gupta

    1.what are the minimum percentage to get admission in M.B.B.S college ?

    2. And what will other student do if they don’t get admission in college?

  • sweta

    well the syllabus appears to be quite similar to the state academic textbooks.but i guess Neet has to be officially pronounced,without the court again changing its decision like the way it happend in d way thnx 4 publishn the 2013 syllabus!

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    nice infos… plz let us knw if or whenevr any new changes r going to tke place in neet

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    how will be the merit list be prepared???
    minimum score to be elligible for medical

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    reply soon as possible
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    Sir I want to know how much marks required for sc candidate in class 12 board exam to eligible for NEET.

  • suman singha

    will neet held from 2013???????please tell me surely….


    How NEET 2013 will be held when in 2012 the order of Supreme Court was disregarded. It is India the huge amount of money involvement in MBBS will always continue. This is only eye wash and in 2013 also NEET will not be possible. It is my challenge I am telling it and you will see it.

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    this is the helpful for al student bcoz set incresing and syallabus are redused and all student are equal and they get collage in any plase

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    the syallabus is good but in case of physics chemistry some chapters must be reduced as it will help us to concentrate more

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    Is it 100% confirmed that NEET is to be held in 2013 itself ? what is the exact number of government seats available ? is there any state quota as well ?

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    The portion is tremendous…especially for the repeaters…as almost 50% of the portion is changed!!!

  • Ameya Shejale

    please let me know whether NEET will be conducted in 2013


    is it cent p.c sure dat neet will commence from 2013?wht wil be the cut off mark? will der be – marking?


    is it cent p.c sure dat neet will be conducted from 2013,also wht will be da cutoff mark?will there be negative mark??

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    please send me the details for entrance exam for 2013 and the syllabus please at the earliest.

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    pl,give me detail sylabus for neet2013 of pcb & weightage ofeach topic and few question pattern of pcb

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    sir, will the questions come from NCERT textbook as told by many

  • Ria

    i think NEET should be implemented as soon as possible because for the students who appear from a union territory and dnt get a reserved seat have no other option than AIPMT…..beacuse exams like GUJ-CET or MH-CET or any other Common State exam does not allow them to appear for M.B.B.S exams do u DOMICILE problems…..leaving them no option to pay LAKHS of DONATION……which a common man cant afford….


    Please clear mention the syllabus for neet 2013, and also advise which type of books to refer for neet 2013.

  • shyla

    is NEET applicable to students intending to do veterinary in maharashtra?

  • Riya Kashyap

    please tell us the pattern of neet exam….as our batch will be the first to give this exam and i have no idea how to prepare for it and what is important…for example please tell that negative marking will be there and any match the following,diagrams etc????

  • Shrimayee Chakrabarti

    we are getting the news ;that few states are resenting the concept of NEET.we want a concrete information regarding the stayal of NEET or state PMTs in 2013.


    I am not a student from CBSE board and I am hardly aware of the question pattern and the syllabus of CBSE. so,i am finding it very difficult to even attempt for the common entrance exam. more over, I am a repeater cadidate. so, I am already under pressure.
    I earnestly request to you to state me a remedy,as I am very interested to study midicine.

    • Administrator

      Dear DEBASWINI DEY, Class doesn’t matter too much. Your strategies, hard work and proper guidance from a coach could turn the situation to your favor. You have an entire year to venture with your study plans. Remember Solving MCQs oriented entrance is altogether a different game. If your confidence is low seek help from a private coach. Join a reputed institute that has produced sound track records. Undoubtedly Motivation is a big factor as well.
      I would like to mention a quote “You are what you think. You are what you go for. You are what you do! – Richards, Bob”. Just change your perception about the things all around you. You can do this.

      Bangalore is a fine city with good access to education.

      Finally if you could afford you can pursue your medicine studies from a private medical college with less efforts. There are too many options in this regard.

      • Riya Kashyap

        excuse me sir that is of no use !!! we seriously want a final decesion that which states are going to introduce neet….so that we can prepare according to it atleast some idea of what is important can be there…

  • Athira Anil

    sir , i am really confused that is why i am asking like this,is questions only come from the mentioned topics

    • Administrator

      Just Relax, If you will have to appear for NEET then certainly you need to follow the guidelines and syllabus set by the entrance conducting body i.e., MCI. The same syllabus has been announced by MCI in its official website.

  • ayesha shaikh

    may i please know the criteria of mbbs seat distribution in each state?? (keeping in mind the percentage of seats for locals as well as non-locals)

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    please give me the detail information abt neet as soon as possible.

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    SIR,My que is:-Is it conform that NEET will takes place in 2013?
    If yes then tell me so…soon

    • Riya Kashyap

      everyone is confused because the decesion from M.C.I. is pending…and we r hanging

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    please let me know whether the same NEET exam is applicable for Ayurved,Homeopathy,Unani,Dentistry

  • Rahul R. Sonawane

    please notify the recent development of NEET

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    can i know if maths is included or excluded from the syllabus?

    • Administrator

      Certainly Maths is not there. The subjects for NEET UG Entrance are PCB (Physics, Chemistry and Biology).

  • varsha nandurkar

    please give me details about neet and marking (is there any negative marking)and whether gujrat has accepted it or not

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    when there is no weightage of cbse marks in class 12 for neet then y to score good marks just a pass mark is enough

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    may i know about the marking scheme in neet 2013. Also about the total no of questions and negative marking. Please give the details as soon as possible.

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    which parts of human and plant physiology have been confirmed as a part of the syllabus? do these head topics include all the chapters within them or do they particularly emphasise on certain ones? kindly confirm on this

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    neet is there in 2013 and it shouldnt it should after 2013 bcoz at that time 10th also have new syllabus

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    please send me an latest information about neet and the changes in syllabus also.thanks for giving this but is this a real and confirmed ?

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    Is this the final sylabus or only the draft sylabus.Please update me when this sylabus is approved by MCI.

  • Krishna

    My sincere thanks for those timely feedback from various stakeholders and MCI’s balanced decision in response to “omission of human physiology and some portions of plant physiology”. I think it would certainly solve the objective of student community and specially NEET UG entrance aspirants.