NEET UG: Question Bank, Question Papers 27

NEET UG: Question Bank, Question Papers

Since its Inception GELI has been a pioneer in providing FREE online question bank and Question papers for various Medical and Engineering Entrance Examination.

Needless to mention NEET “National Eligibility Entrance Examination” has been introduced in India as a single window common entrance examination for higher Medical Education. NEET, the highly regarded and most essential entrance is now a major topic of discussions amongst various stakeholders and entrance aspirants. MCQ pattern of questions would be followed for both Under Graduate and Post Graduate entrance examination

While NEET ensures uniformity and convenience across country it has also become a bigger challenge for students as they are going to compete at a higher and single pedestal.

At this junction GELI has come up with its FREE Online Question Bank for NEET-UG (National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test for Under Graduates) Entrance aspirants.

Taking into consideration the NEET UG syllabus, we have divided the entire syllabus into different topics for the convenience of testing. We hope our efforts would be appreciated by the student communities, as it gives students enormous opportunities to test their subject knowledge. We are confident these MCQs Question Bank for NEET UG will smooth the friction of your efforts in Cracking NEET UG.

Please note NEET UG is MCQs (Multiple Choice Question) testing pattern with single response which need a different approach and speed with accuracy.

Students should solve these MCQs under timed conditions which will enable candidates not only to get used to the time pressure but also familiarize themselves with the actual MCQs techniques and themes.

Here goes the NEET UG syllabus. The underlined links will give you access to the respective question Bank. We are constantly uploading new online question papers and updating this question bank for NEET UG aspirants.

Biology syllabus of class 11th

Name of the Topics

  1. Diversity in Living World

  2. Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants

  3. Cell Structure and Function

  4. Plant Physiology

  5. Human physiology

Biology syllabus of class 12th

Name of the Topics

  1. Reproduction

  2. Genetics and Evolution

  3. Biology and Human Welfare

  4. Biotechnology and Its Applications

  5. Ecology and environment

Best of luck

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27 thoughts on “NEET UG: Question Bank, Question Papers

  • hamita fathima

    Do d questions for NEET exam wl b coming only from d 11th & 12th syllabus of various boards?? Do i nd more practices from any othr books r question papers othr than 11th & 12th?

  • tilda rodrigues

    Please provide the technique of scoring high points and avoiding negative marking. Which chapter of 11th and 12th grades are important

  • jyotsana


  • sakshrathore

    sir plz guide for question pattern for neet which chapter ar good scoreing

  • s yadav

    good samples

    but how far these pattern will resemble as neet has not published actual prototype guidance

  • prakriti

    where i get the sample paper?????? wat is the pattren 4 neet

  • sanjay kumar

    It is good to practice with. It’s good one.

  • Bhavani.Sheevanth

    need some more information & easy access of sample question papers

  • Sindhu.B.V

    I really require your question bank & question papers of NEET.Since this is for the 1st time we(karnataka)students answering CBSE portions,hope these questions banks&papers will be useful to me.

    • Sindhu.B.V

      please send me an advice on how to prepare for NEET in this short time

  • Aarzoo

    There is only 3 chances to appear ,, i wanna know that can these chances be discontinuous/alternative or are these continuous??

  • Aarzoo

    Plz send me neeet ug sample question papers..

  • Chetan Sinai Assoldekar

    Is it confirmed that the weightage for physics,chemistry,botany and zoology is 25% each ??

  • dalip sharma

    Sir how many seats in neet ug 2013.and paper level



    • surjeet acharya

      no..there will be no negative marking in neet.. + point for this!

  • rajesh mishra

    plese send me neet ug question bank or model paper

    • Administrator

      Dear Rajesh,
      This blog contains lots of question papers relevant for your NEET UG preparation. Our blog is continuously updated with new question bank Keep a track. Regards and Best wishes

      • hamita fathima

        how much weightage marks each subject carry in d xam? Wl al subjects carry d same weightage marks r for biology alone it takes d max scoring othr than othr subject?

      • hamita fathima

        how much weightage marks each subject carry in d xam? Wl al subjects carry d same weightage marks r for biology alone it takes d max scoring othr than othr subject?

      • hamita fathima

        Sir.. R d questions r coming from NCERT books? S thr any -ve marks in ths NEET xam???