NEET Model Papers: NEET UG Model Papers 35


NEET Model Papers: NEET UG Model Papers

Dear visitors, we are overwhelmed with your response, comments and admiration in respect to our NEET UG interactive and self preparatory coaching tool.

It has always been our endeavor to provide student communities with FREE testing mechanism in the form of MCQs model question papers for their entrance preparation.

“GELI Question Papers” has uploaded hundreds of model question papers for NEET UG which you can access from the left panel as shown in the figure.
NEET UG Question Papers
The entire syllabus of NEET has been divided into several sub-topics to make the testing more convenient.

All these value-added model question papers for your NEET UG preparation are easily accessible with immediate answering and reporting.

One of the important aspects of these model question papers is that these are placed in our blog which enables you to grade each question paper as per its likelihood, post your comments and get a response from other likeminded viewers of this website.

It is quite evident from the fact that the prescribed NEET UG syllabus is almost a replication of NCERT syllabus; thus we presume the previous questioning pattern is most likely to be followed.

The following chart gives you an idea about what should be the question distribution for the generation of a model test paper for NEET UG (Biology)


Biology syllabus of class 11th & 12th Total Questions Distribution of questions in (%)
Diversity in Living World 12 13.33
Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants 7 7.78
Cell Structure and Function 10 11.11
Plant Physiology 7 7.78
Human Physiology 13 14.44
Reproduction 8 8.89
Genetics and Evolution 14 15.56
Biology and Human Welfare 4 4.44
Biotechnology and Its Applications 5 5.56
Ecology and Environment 10 11.11
Total 90 100.00

NEET UG Biology questions distribution

Generated based upon NEET UG 2016 Question distribution.

To access all Biology Questions browse through the different categories listed in left sidebar.

You are free to post your comments and provide us with a feedback.


Topics Total Questions
Animal Kingdom 3
Biotechnology 5
Evolution: Theories and Evidences 4
Human Health and Disease 4
Human Physiology 11
Human Reproduction and Reproductive Health 6
Biomolecules 3
Structural organisation in Animals 2
Total 38


Topic Total Questions
Living World 1
Biological Classification 5
Plant Kingdom 1
Morphology of Flowering Plants 5
Anatomy of Flowering Plants 1
Cell Unit 5
Cell Cycle and Cell Division 4
Plant Physiology 6
Reproduction in Flowering Plants 6
Principle of Inheritance 5
Molecular 3
Strategies 1
Microbes in Human Welfare 1
Ecology and Environment 8
Total 52

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  • aparna

    plz give such such distribution of % for physics and chemistry too…….
    will the exam be based on 100% ncert syllabus…….

  • nimrat kaur

    sir please tell me that NEET UG 20013
    question paper will be based on 100%
    NCERT syllabus

  • vakkil

    please send modle question paper
    how are write to the neet exam and take the high percentage pizzzz help me………………..

  • Akashdeep pote

    Sir . Give the percentile of phy. And chem. Like bio.

  • Akashdeep pote

    Sir. Phy and chem’s gives question also like a bio.

  • sidharth .s

    please send me model questions and answers of neet ug entrance examinations

  • Kirti Aukta

    Can u plz tel me d paper pattrn of phy n chem..!
    Hw many numericl questions are going to come!!!

  • Mayur Rasal

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  • kamala

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  • amanthapar

    the prblmm z inn physics::::; can we get model papers oof phy..,,nd some suggestions abt hw 2 handle numericalss;;;;;thnk u,,,

  • Afroj Ali

    Thanks for provide in such way than everyone will get success.

  • gyanu

    1}kya neet 2013 ug ka exam hindi langaguge me hoga

    • naresh

      this is your choice ..when you fill your neet ug 2013 app. form. if u select paper language is hindi….then paper medium is hindi and if u select. english ,,then it is is in english

  • saifan khan

    is there any model paper for phy and chem

  • shadma AfzAL

    Wat is d marking scheme 4 neet?
    And r tere any more topics inclueded oter Dan d NCERT syllabus
    Do rply dear administrator 😀

    • mayur rasal

      There is some changes …

  • Amol kute

    Is there syllabus of 11th and 12th common for NEET

  • shreelata

    nice question to practice in biology.but,what about physics and chemistry,plz can you assist for it or plz send a model paper for phys and chem.plz…

  • sangita

    nice questions about biology but please assist in physics and chemistry

  • Sanskriti

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  • Isha Gandhi

    Sir/ Mam
    I am a student of standard 12th from Gujarat. I would like to know whether NEET will be in regional language or not and if yes, material as available in English shall be avialable in Gujarati. Please reply

  • bhavya.thakar

    NEET bacame very easy because of the model papers

    • saifan khan

      how. It is a national exam. and the exam will also tough

  • asif

    i think NEET will be easy.because difficulty or easyness is dependent on how much percent the student dont think its difficult but think it as easy.