Biology Questions: Paper - 13

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Biology Model Question Paper - 13



Fleshy fruits with stony endocarp are called
(A) Berries
(B) Pomes
(C) Drupes
(D) Capsules

Answer: (C)


Fertilization occur in
(A) Uterus
(B) Ureter
(C) Vagina
(D) Fallopian tube

Answer: (D)


Examples for lateral meristems are
(A) Fascicular cambium and procambium
(B) Procambium and dermatogen
(C) Fascicular cambium and cork cambium
(D) Phellogen and procambium

Answer: (C)


Example of water soluble plant pigment is
(A) Chlorophyll-a
(B) Chlorophyll-b
(C) Anthocyanin
(D) Xanthophyll

Answer: (C)


Everytime, when the dosage of a drug has to be increased to achieve the same ‘kick’ that initially occurred in response to a smaller dose, this condition is known as _______.
(A) Tolerance
(B) Rebound effect
(C) Addiction
(D) Withdrawal symptoms

Answer: (A)


Electrons used in Electron Microscope are of the wavelength
(A) 0.05 Å
(B) 0.15 Å
(C) 0.25 Å
(D) 0.30 Å

Answer: (A)


Electric potential of the brain is recorded by
(A) CT Scan
(B) Sphygmomanometer

Answer: (D)


Edible part of Mushroom is
(A) Basidiocarp
(B) Primary mycelium
(C) Fungal hyphae
(D) Basidiospores

Answer: (A)


During Lactic acid fermentation, _______.
(A) O2 is used, CO2 is liberated.
(B) O2 is not used, CO2 is liberated.
(C) O2 is used, CO2 is not liberated.
(D) neither O2 is used, nor CO2 is liberated.

Answer: (D)


Due to nondisjunction of chromosomes during spermatogenesis, sperms carry both sex chromosomes (22A + XY) and some sperms do not carry any sex chromosome (22A + O).
If these sperms fertilize normal eggs (22A + X), what types of genetic disorders appear among the offsprings?
(A) Down’s syndrome and Klinefelter’s syndrome
(B) Turner’s syndrome and Klinefelter’s syndrome
(C) Down’s syndrome and Cri-du-chat syndrome
(D) Down’s syndrome and Turner’s syndrome

Answer: (B)


Dog distemper is a disease carried by a ________.
(A) bacterium
(B) viroid
(C) prion
(D) virus

Answer:  (D)


DNA gyrase, the enzyme that participates in the process of DNA replication is a type of
(A) Reverse Transcriptase
(B) DNA Topoisomerase
(C) DNA Polymerase
(D) DNA Ligase

Answer: (B)


A flower which can be divided into two equal halves by only one plane is
(A) Zygomorphic
(B) Actinomorphic
(C) Regular
(D) Perfect

Answer: (A)


An animal which has both exoskeletal and endoskeletal structures is
(A) Tortoise
(B) Frog
(C) Jelly fish
(D) Fresh water mussel

Answer: (A)


Banana bunchytop virus is transmitted through
(A) Pentalonia nigronervosa
(B) Aedes aegypti
(C) Culex sp
(D) Agribacterium sp

Answer:  (A)