Biology Questions: Paper - 8

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Biology Model Question Paper - 8



Succus entericus is secreted by _______.
(A) Brunner’s glands
(B) Auerbach’s plexus
(C) Crypts of Lieberkuhn
(D) Peyers patches

Answer: (C)


Structural lipids of cell membrane
(A) Simple lipid
(B) Chromolipids
(C) Steroid
(D) Phospholipids

Answer: (D)


Structural element of Chromatin is
(A) Histone
(B) Acid protein and DNA
(C) Nuclear matrix
(D) Nucleosomes

Answer: (D)


Sporopollenin, a chemical substance is found in _______.
(A) Exine of pollen grain
(B) Intine of pollen grain
(C) Tapetum of anther
(D) Endothecium of anther

Answer: (A)


Spindle fibre is made up of
(A) Humulin
(B) Intermediate filament
(C) Flagellin
(D) Tubulin

Answer: (D)


Some important events in the human female reproductive cycle are given below. Arrange the events in a proper sequence.
A - Secretion of FSH, B - Growth of corpus luteum, C - Growth of the follicle and oogenesis, D - Ovulation, E - Sudden increase in the lcvcls of LH
(A) A ® C ® E ® D ® B
(B) A ® D ® C ® E ® B
(C) B ® A ® C ® D ® E
(D) C ® A ® D ® B ® E

Answer: (A)


Silk produced by Antheraea mylitta is also called
(A) Muga silk
(B) Tassar silk
(C) Eri silk
(D) Mysore silk

Answer:  (B)


Ribose sugar is present in
(A) RNA only
(B) RNA polymerase and ATP
(C) RNA and ATP
(D) RNA polymerase. RNA and ATP

Answer: (C)


Restriction enzymes are used to cut
(A) Single stranded RNA
(B) Double stranded DNA
(C) Single stranded DNA
(D) Double stranded RNA

Answer: (B)


Read the following statements A and B.
A: Many organs of aquatic plants float in water.
B: Large air gaps are present in the collenchyma tissues of lotus leaf.
Select the correct answer.
(A) Statement A is correct and B is wrong
(B) Statement B is correct and A is wrong
(C) Statements A and B both are correct
(D) Statements A and B both are wrong

Answer:  (A)


Pyruvate dehydrogenase complex, needed for the conversion of Pyruvic acid to Acetyl
CO-A is located in _______.
(A) Intermembranal space of mitochondria
(B) Matrix of mitochondria
(C) Cytoplasm
(D) Grana of chloroplast

Answer: (B)


Stoma opens when
(A) Guard cells swell by endosmosis due to influx of hydrogen ions (protons)
(B) Guard cells swell by endosmosis due to efflux of potassium ions.
(C) Guard cells swell due to a decrease in their water potential.
(D) Guard cells swell due to an increase in their Water potential.

Answer: (D)


Pyramid of energy in ecosystems is
(A) Always upright
(B) Always inverted
(C) Mostly upright
(D) Mostly inverted

Answer: (A)


Ptyalin is inactivated by a component of gastric juice known as
(A) Pepsin
(B) Mucus
(C) Rennin
(D) HCl

Answer: (D)


Some of the steps involved in the production of Humulin are given below. Choose the correct sequence.
i) Synthesis of gene (DNA) for human insulin artificially.
ii) Culturing recombinant E.c0li in bioreactors.
iii) Purification of humulin.
iv) Insertion of human insulin gene into plasmid.
v) Introduction of recombinant plasmid into E.coli.
vi) Extraction of recombinant gene product from E.coli.
(A) i, iii, v, vi, ii, iv
(B) ii, i, iv, iii. v, vi
(C) iii, v, ii, i, vi, iv
(D) i, iv, v, ii, vi, iii

Answer: (D)