Vermiculture, Fisheries: Question Paper – 03

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Vermiculture and Fisheries Questions, Paper 03, Total Questions: 10, Subject: Biology, Topic: Vermiculture, Fisheries, Paper Type: MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions)

Sr. No. Questions Answers
1. Identify the edible freshwater teleost
(a) Catla catla
(b) Hilsa ilisha
(c) Rays and skates
(d) Sharks
Answer: (a)
2. If more than single species of fish is cultured at a time, then it is called
(a) Monoculture
(b) Aquaculture
(c) Polyculture
(d) Mori culture
Answer: (c)
3. In India which of the following genera of earthworms is extensively used for vermiculture
(a) Eudrigaster
(b) Eudrilus
(c) Pontoscolex
(d) Pheretima
Answer: (b)
4. Inand fisheries are
(a) deep sea fishing
(b) capturing fishes from sea coast
(c) raising and capturing fishes in fresh water
(d) oil extraction from fish
Answer: (c)
5. Induced breeding technique is used in
(a) Marine fishery
(b) Capture fishery
(c) Culture fishery
(d) Inland fishery
Answer: (c)
6. Isinglass is employed in
(a) Preparation of wines
(b) Clearing of wines
(c) Distillation of wines
(d) Preservation of wines
Answer: (b)
7. One of the following is not a benefit of vermicompost
(a) Protection of water bodies from pollution
(b) Reduction in microbialo activity
(c) increased availability of minerals
(d) increased hydration and aeration
Answer: (b)
8. pH of vermiculture is kept at
(a) Near neutral
(b) Alkaline
(c) Acidic
(d) Highly alkaline.
Answer: (a)
9. Pisciculture is rearing and production of
(a) Fishes
(b) Birds
(c) Reptiles
(d) Wool yielding animals
Answer: (a)
10. Smooking is used as a technique of
(a) Fish preservation
(b) Mushroom cultivation
(c) Crystalisation of sugar
(d) Crop harvesting
Answer: (a)

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