Natural Resources | Nature Conservation, Question Paper – 06

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Std. 11 and Std. 12 Biology Questions | Appropriate for all Medical Entrance preparation in India

Sr. No.



1. The natural cause for extinction of species is
(a) Floods
(b) Hunting
(c) Industrialization
(d) Destruction of natural habitats
Answer: (a)
2. The natural resources available in limited quantity at global level is
(a) Non renewable
(b) Renewable
(c) Exhaustible
(d) Inexhaustible
Answer: (c)
3. The natural resources which are continuously consumed by man but are replenished by nature with a reasonable period of time is called
(a) Exhaustible
(b) Inexhaustible
(c) Exhaustible renewable
(d) Exhaustible non-renewable
Answer: (c)
4. The percentage of evaporation of water from land and ocean surface are respectively
(a) 16 and 84%
(b) 84 and 16 %
(c) 65 and 35%
(d) 60 and 40%
Answer: (a)
5. The recent technique used for study of vegetation is
(a) Remote sensing
(b) Field work
(c) Ground potography
(d) Observation
Answer: (a)
6. The restricted distribution of species in small area called
(a) Biome
(b) Niche
(c) Endemism
(d) Ectosphere
Answer: (c)
7. The vehicle used to carry the sensor in remote sensing is
(a) Camera
(b) Shuttle
(c) Scanner
(d) Platform
Answer: (d)
8. There is decrease in _____ because of deforestation
(a) Soil erosin
(b) Global warming
(c) Rainfall
(d) Drought
Answer: (c)
9. Which has caused maximum damage to Indian forests
(a) Selective harvesting
(b) Block cutting
(c) Taungya cultivation
(d) Jhum cultivation
Answer: (d)
10. Which of the following acts as a main source of ground water?
(a) Rain
(b) River
(c) Ocean
(d) Canals
Answer: (a)
11. Which of the following soil is the best for plant growth?
(a) Loamy soil
(b) Clay
(c) Gravel
(d) Sandy soil
Answer: (a)
12. Which of the following species is endemic?
(a) Vanda
(b) Drosera sp
(c) Gnetum ula
(d) Ginkgo biloba
Answer: (d)
13. Which one is not an exhaustible resource
(a) Solar energy
(b) Coal
(c) Rainfall
(d) Wind power
Answer: (b)
14. Which one is not endangered?
(a) Bald Eagle
(b) Giant Panda
(c) Podophyllum
(d) Mergosa
Answer: (d)
15. Which one of the following in endangered species?
(a) Cuscuta
(b) Nepenthes
(c) Datura
(d) Butea sps.
Answer: (b)

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