UPSC General Science MCQs – 02 4

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UPSC general science solved questions from previous years question papers.

UPSC General Science Questions Set - 02

UPSC General Science Questions Set – 02

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4 thoughts on “UPSC General Science MCQs – 02

  • Praveen_R

    Answer provided by Q-3, sin’t correct. correct ans. is 2nd option.
    WIKIPEDIA – Chlorine and hydrolysis product hypochlorous acid are neutrally charged and therefore easily penetrate the negatively charged surface of pathogens. It is able to disintegrate the lipids that compose the cell wall and react with intracellular enzymes and proteins, making them nonfunctional. Microorganisms then either die or are no longer able to multiply

  • Sai

    Hey , thank you verymuch for giving questions for us to practice more questions . We need ,more from you to develop our knowledge 🙂
    Thank you admin 🙂