General Science – Questions and Answers GKGS002 5

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General Science Quiz (MCQ): Test 02

General Science Quiz (MCQ): Test 02

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5 thoughts on “General Science – Questions and Answers GKGS002

  • rajneesh

    the hardest substance on earth is DIAMOND but this shows that the PLATINUM is the hardest ………
    which is true ….. I am so confused .????
    IF anyone knows please explain me as soon as possible……………….

  • mohd. azmat khan

    after completing the quiz sometimes a lots of time is remaining. for this types of situations after completion of quiz answer should be shown because we cant spend half half hour for the result

    • GELI Post author

      Hi! No need of waiting for the papers to be submitted automatically. Just click the “Quiz-summary” button at the end of the test and then “Finish Quiz” button to see your response and marks.

    • GELI Post author

      Just answer the mcqs. Scroll down to locate the Quiz-summary button. Click “Quiz-summary” button and then the blue “Finish quiz” button to check your response and total marks obtained.